i can hear the hoteps and “happy to be nappy” going off now.
lakeith stanfield from the show “atlanta” has always been eccentric.
i think that’s what makes him so fine.
weird negros make me tingle.
on his ig,
he debuted all that eccentrics in a new photoshoot for replica man magazine.
it might have broken the internet cause…


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well excuse me…

the pretty vixen thinks he looks like a cheap hooker.
okay lakeith,

give us legs.
the durag sent me but i dig it.
i don’t see an issue tbh.
i think he looks really good and this is right up his alley.
he beez different ‘n’ shit.
he has a “prince” type of personality to me.
i didn’t see anyone talking shit when brad pitt took pics in a dress in ’99.

is it not an agenda when white males do it?
lakeith looks like he’ll fuck the shit outta you in them stockings too.
i’ll allow it and that.

lowkey: i don’t know why straight black males talk this agenda shit.
are you gonna go throw on a cocktail dress cause some other pineapple did it?
are you gonna make your son(s) dress like a barbie girl?

it gives followers and idiots at the same time.
what another male don’t make you shit.
shut the fuck up dweebs.
people be too woke and conspiracy theorist for their own goods.


  1. I’m not going to use terms like weird and strange to describe LaKeith; instead I’m going to say he goes his own way, which is good and makes him refreshing. It’s homophobia and misogyny that leads all of these Hoteps to freak out about stuff like this, but I also ask: if your hetero-sexuality is so secure, why are you so threatened by a Black man wearing lace and heels? Do you fear he is going to arouse you so much you won’t be able to stay straight? GTFOHWTS!

  2. i’m surprised people are surprised that he would do this Lakeith has always been a strange guy that does strange things i remember on his page he used to have videos of him dancing naked in a steamed up mirror after a shower among other things.

    I doubt he’s changing as a person when you really pay attention to his personality. Also Lakeith looks really good in these photos the look really works for him

    (SN: Brad Pitt in that photo shoot looks fuckin’ hot I have always seen the appeal but him with the cage on his face really solidifies why he’s always been considered a sexy guy.)

  3. The internet looks at white men in dresses as Fashion. When a black man does it, his sexuality is questionable. LaKeith has always been himself. I like the one with the boots because he is not doing it in a femme way. He is showing how men can pull off a look like this and still be men without being labeled as gay, trans, or confused. He is far from all of that, has a beautiful black queen next to him. I don’t see anything wrong with it because if we want to talk about socks and men, you don’t know half of what people be wearing under their clothes. Its some dress socks that can pull off a stocking look. When they signed the Declaration of Independence, they were wearings wigs, lipstick, lace, stockings, and some had purses. Why is it always an issue when a black man does it?

  4. Jamari, the one where he has the kettle and the heels is giving the same vibe Kofi gave in Doja’s Streets video. WHEW! It’s doing things for me that Prince NEVER did. The man is sexy as all hell, heaven and purgatory.

  5. Lakeith has always been eccentric. I don’t get the uproar over his current photo spread that I saw nothing wrong with. I didn’t feel disrespected as a black man to see another black man in a photo with his legs crossed wearing knee high lace stockings . All the artsy guys and gals meddle with androgyny and I’m sick of people who don’t know much of $h!+ having the loudest voices in room! Every man deserves an opportunity to exude and portray their natural feminine attributes . As an actor Lakeith has portrayed every stereotypical masculine role that can exists without any outrage. All I know is the man in the photo that Lakeith is exuding does exist in real life and deserves to be represented. Plenty of men sit with their legs crossed regardless of sexuality or race.

    1. You have an Kemet statue as your avatar. I’m guessing the skirt loincloths Kemetic men wore to stay cool would have you feeling emasculated as well, huh?

  6. The first photo makes me laugh, that SECOND photo is everythang! But I like me some LaKeith anyway, so…IMO it’s just another celebrity photo shoot. Like it or leave it alone, but either way, just business as usual. Not worth making a fuss about.

  7. Yes!!!! I love it !!!

    (SOME) !!!!!! Black folks are late. slow and Tired..
    They were kidnapped , Forced to worship a religion that is not theirs and its backwards views ,Homophobic, Judgmental and full of self hate. (Many of them are okay with God Being White and Jesus Blonde and Blue Eyed)

    SOME!!!!! Not All Black Folks!!!!

    I’m not drinking that “Kool Aid” ha ha ha

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