august alsina and his alleged boyfriend are the latest in “shame them”

even though folks were gossiping about my sexuality,
i knew a straight wolf who didn’t gaf and still chilled with me.
he would take pictures with me and had no cares in the world.
i had another wolf i suspected was into me,
but when people started gossiping about his sexuality,
he stopped speaking to me and got a vixen with quickness.
there is a lesson in those two stories.
find it.
some people love to push homophobia but still “live your truth“.
apparently and allegedly,
the forests are sayin’ august alsina has an alleged boyfriend named troy.
a foxholer sent me this

i don’t know if august is gay or bi,
but what if this is platonic?
two males can’t be cool?
even if august is smashin’ him…

So what?

it’s not like he is fuckin’ any of us so this ain’t our problem.

this ain’t the 90s either.
males smash each other every day in or out the closet b.
this only pushes homophobic jackals to shame males deeper into the closet.
august is 29 and the dude is 19 so it’s not crazy in age difference.
i mean…

No one is up in arms about Marc Anthony at 53 with a 23-year-old fiance.

folks will chase this story and let the real gays/bi slip by.
the husband and his “friend” on that fishing trip.
the boyfriend and his boy in the basement “watching the game”.
the son and his study partner upstairs in the bedroom.
the two males on ig that look like ain’t with “that gay ish”.
i meannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnz…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “august alsina and his alleged boyfriend are the latest in “shame them””

  1. People need to mind their business. It’s 2022 and they’re still doing gay expose stories. August can get it though and I’m not usually into pretty boys lol

    1. True. Nobody even cares. August looks happy and so does Troy. August’s vibe is someone who needs affection, not just sex. He has been with guys before, I feel, but nobody wants to be fetishized for having a big dick. The man is a creative, substantive person who needed someone like Troy, who is discreet, dedicated and trainable.🎁💞🌈

  2. August is too fine

    But I always got sassy vibes from him just his aura and demeanor

    He also has this rainbow aesthetic going now

    He’s never denied or confirmed anything about his sexuality so more power to him

    I remember him saying he did what he had to do pre fame. Most guys who fuck for money or a place to stay are sexually fluid

  3. Jamari i think you naked it when you said Alsina ain’t fucking any of us and that is the reason why his business is everybody’s business. This is SM for u. Its revenge media because deep down we would rather be the 19 year old smashing Alsina so we react by getting into his business. Fuck them all.

  4. People thought August was smashing Jaden because he lived with them and he was actually smashing Jada. August knows what it is like to be homeless. So I see nothing sexual going on even if it is, not our business. He opened his doors to this kid who probably didn’t have a home to go to. I mean gays do that. Straight people do all the time and don’t realize it. When they spend the night more than 2 days, they living with you.

    Since when a gay and a straight can’t live together. The Odd Couple was a prime example. Felix and Oscar. Felix was clearly gay and Oscar was clearly straight.

    People can’t understand what they haven’t been through. You wouldn’t know how easy it is for you to open your door to somebody who has no place to go, no family, yet they work, not on drugs, and just simply need a place to live. If anything August is Paying It Forward for what he been thru. You support them to keep them from feeling suicidal. Here people making fun because he look gay. So fucking what?!

    1. Well damn! You said what needed to be said. 👏🏾

      If he is gay then I love what Khalil31 said.👍🏾

      1. But we fail to realize some of these young guys have been thru so much that they don’t need training. They ready! They training the older guys!

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