wanda sykes is still traumatized over the slap at the oscars

i was never a huge wanda sykes fan.
she isn’t my kind of comedy tbh.
i’m not really a stand-up comedy fox anyway.
i think the only time i found her funny was guest-starring on blackish.
the slap between will smith and chris rock was back in march at the oscars.
i was hoping to GOD the media and folks would move on.
wanda says she is still traumatized by it…

it is the middle of may sis.
putin is talmbout blowing up more countries.
black folks are still being treated like second-hand citizens in this country.
the lbgtq community is still fighting for rights.
food and gas prices are through the roof.
“to wear a mask or not wear a mask” is the question.
they are policing women’s bawdies about abortions but syke!

A slap that didn’t involve her still has her traumatized.

one that i heard that she didn’t even see?

can a foxholer confirm that for me?
she is chris rock’s protege so i see why she’s still having a moment for him.
i think i need wanda to find a therapist for this ptsd she is suffering with.
i’m concerned.

lowkey: i hope they don’t plan on resurrecting this slap from the dead.
i can collectively say we are all truly over it.

3 thoughts on “wanda sykes is still traumatized over the slap at the oscars

  1. I wonder is she still traumatized after the grocery store shooting. You traumatized to get on stage but not scared to go to the grocery store? Better yet, can somebody name the last time Wanda was actually funny where there was no script? (In Katt Williams voice) “Don’t worry, I’ll wait.”

  2. Her and Chris Rock are really close friends and he helped her career and put her on which helped her secure Emmy’s, so I can understand her feeling a way about her friend getting slapped. But it’s time to move on from it.

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