hi! its him? ex-pastor dwayne dawkins was the problem? (the onlyfans creator speaks!)

in any scandal,
everyone always tries to get ahead of the story.
they want to make sure they claim “it wasn’t me; its them” first.
in the scandal with ex-pastor dwayne dawkins,
we heard his side and assumed that he was outed.
the foxhole is in for a treat this evening.
a foxholer sent me the video from the onlyfans content creator in the video.
his name is fatkat and…

so in a tl;dr and allegedly:

DD hit up FK and agreed to do the movie
DD revealed that he was married with kids and didn’t care
DD hit FK up and asked him why was it on Twitter
FK told him it was on Twitter for promo
Video didn’t do well and FK took it down

here is where the scandal starts:


FK posted it again but with a different caption
It didn’t do well the second time
All hell broke loose three weeks later cause:




one thing the foxhole knows in this life:


it’s like you wanna tell them:


it feels with some of them that they want to get caught.
they end up being the opps and not the gay/bi males they mess with.
from fatkat retelling of his side:

Why does it feel like someone wanted to expose DD in the church?

they probably saw his anti-gay sermons and were plotting.
they just needed better evidence to strike.
 to film a gay sex video while being a straight public figure in a church?
what in the world?
this could be just the humbling of dwayne dawkins tbh.

i’m glad fatkat was able to explain his side.
the truth is somewhere in between.
most dl males always want to make someone else look like the villain.
from the wise words of a country pop icon:

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “hi! its him? ex-pastor dwayne dawkins was the problem? (the onlyfans creator speaks!)”

  1. DD is passive/aggressive. I wonder was the video the way out of the marriage and the pulpit. He co- opted FatKat into the subterfuge, and is pointing fingers and blaming. A lie ain’t nothing to tell, if you consider that he had to lie to get away from the house to buss up in the cheeks.
    The messy church sissy prolly knew DD was packing that 🍆 heat and got messier because he couldn’t get it.
    Jealousy is cruel,, REAL CRUEL.

    1. ^ you made very valid points here.
      i feel like when people do shit like this,
      they want to get caught.
      and as usual,
      someone messy gay in church was the one to organize the tea party.

      why does it feel like church folks can be so trifling?

  2. Come on now, he knew he was being recorded. First of all, to blame somebody that you claim set you up is false. Anybody with an Onlyfans know, Onlyfans doesn’t promote the video until the other person agrees to it. So clearly DD knew! That is why you see a lot of collabs with other Onlyfans stars or solos. Onlyfans will not put out a video if the other person does not agree to it.

    Secondly, church people are the messiest people on this Earth! They are worst than gays! They don’t have to be DL, its the simple fact, a Pastor is committing a sin that he is on the pulpit telling his congregation not to do and not to accept anyone who does it. He basically gave his church member ammunition for that. Not only did he ask for the video to be re-released but he made sure he sent it to the church! We have seen church members get down and dirty. Remember the pastor son who was sucking dick in the Pastor chair after service in the dark?

    Third, there is always 3 sides to a story. His side, their side and the truth. Now that both sides have been revealed, now its time for the truth. The thing is, the church is always behind a sexual scandal. You either got the old fathers who molest the altar boys in catholic churches. Then you got the male choir directors messing with the deacons/drummers or PK’s (Pastor son’s).

  3. So let me get this straight. DD said he was red to be filmed and he didn’t care as he is MARRIED with KIDS🙄🙄 Is DD drinking Mad Puss Piss 😎 And he did and said all of this JUST TO FUCK FatKat🙄 Seriously 🥺

    I’m sorry I’m giving DD the benefit of the Doubt. Someone who is supposed to be an intelligent Preacher/Pastor cannot be so fucking Dumb. You’re right Jamari, the TRUTH is somewhere in the middle.

  4. I told y’all the first post he wasn’t outed lol

    He was talking dirty and everything if he wanted to be anon he wouldn’t be fucking one of the biggest Of pornstars and he’d wear a face mask at least

    He probably underestimated the reach of fatkat content and thought bc it was on onlyfans it wouldn’t be plastered all over the net. Twitter porn is actually better than OF bc you get all that for free plus more

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