f0xmail: i didn’t get the xl experience i was promised! help!

ever so often,
one of my foxholers has a story to tell.
one that usually involves scams and flim flams.
the life of the attentionisto must be a hard one.
when you live such a busy life,
many can’t come through with their promises.
a foxholer sent me a whole dossier about @xlexperience.
i was sent an alleged experience to share with the class…

My “XLExperience”…

On Sunday May 14th I reached out to TroubleXL (@_troublexl & @xlexperience_) in reference to booking his massage services. He had advertised on his Twitter & IG pages that he would be in Miami from May 12-15th. I informed him that I wanted to book him and pay in cash but he insisted that the only way he would meet up is if the full booking fee ($200) was paid via Cash App. His booking site also does not have the option to accept credit card payments via the website (which is a feature that they do use on that site).

The appointment was an early morning appointment at a time that we both agreed to and felt comfortable with; he then confirmed my appointment and location and advised that we were booked and he would provide the services offered. We exchanged a few text messages and then said goodnight. A few hours later approximately 15-20 minutes prior to the booking /  appointment time I reached out to him to make sure we were still on for the appointment because I hadn’t heard from him. He replied about two hours later advising that he was just waking up. I understood, being that I saw his Instagram stories where he was out on Miami Beach enjoying a boat ride and drinking the night before I had reached out to him. He told me he would be right over if the time was still good for me. I agreed to the new time then he let me know that he would text me once he was on his way. He then proceeded to ask me if I drove (after charging a travel fee while not being able to host) because I was 22 minutes away from his location and he would have to Uber.  He also asked how I felt about a “four hand” massage experience (which on his booking site is double the fee I already paid) to which I advised “not this time”. Hours went by and I never heard from him again. He stopped responding to text messages and after being dishonest about being enroute  (hours after receiving my payment)  I then noticed that he had declined my appointment on his booking site. I have since requested a full refund from Malik “TroubleXL” Palmer (alleged name) and awaiting a response.

this is what i got in the dossier for review:

update about the refund:

as i was reading this,
the unprofessionalism was screaming at me.

the texts provided didn’t help either.
when i went researching this person’s services,
i was met with nothing but sex work.
in my head,
what this situation told me and i could be wrong but:

Someone is using a “massage business” as a front for their sex work.

Someone else wanted to get sex and went through it by getting a “massage” but ended up getting scammed.

…because when i look at the xl experience,
i’m not thinking to look for a massage.
i’m looking to smut him out because that’s what he is advertising.
let this be a lesson to my reader and those reading:

Ya’ll gotta stop falling for this cap because you’re horny.

…and these sex-working jackals gotta stop being so sloppy.
the right one is coming
and not in the way they’d like.

lowkey: the good news is it wasn’t a straight attentionisto this time.
we stan the change.

*got a story to tell?
put it in my box. 

8 thoughts on “f0xmail: i didn’t get the xl experience i was promised! help!

    1. This reminds me Jodymuscle, the sex with a massage vibe begging in each state he goes to, girlfriend is tired.

  1. The first red flag was the payment options. When you want to pay in cash and they don’t have options for a “real” banking source, don’t even bother to continue the transaction because there is already a shady situation. Cash App is known for not refunding money even with a police report. Second flag was the late responses. If you insisted on paying regardless, then you was just being thirsty and to some that can come off as them thinking you be a undercover cop. That doesn’t mean they scammed you. I don’t trust $10 on Cash App, even with family so why would I conduct business thru Cash App. I get it “if he thought he was a cop why didn’t he return the money”… tracing it. Money can still be traced. It’s also a sign of acknowledging you are using the service for fraud. Refunding the money would say yes I am using the service fraudulently but I don’t want to work with you. By not responding, Cash App is not going to investigate regardless who it is. That’s just money gone. They even send you a message that the process is not reversed even if you request it. They tell you to only send money to people you trust.

    A lot of people fail to give the whole story but uses blogs to hurt people careers. These people still have the option to say no or choose to answer you. Just because you ignore the signs to abort and they don’t follow thru, that’s your fault. Reading this story had too many signs that this was going to turn out bad. The first was the secure payment options. Granted people can use other options but if you don’t trust Cash App, there is Zelle. At least Zelle can refund your money for not receiving what was offered. The Bank itself can investigate and go further. Second was the professionalism. You scheduled an appointment but you on social media ignoring the fact you set a date for services. You wake up late and then changing the service and asking for extra money. Third, you don’t get a response… you steady blowing their inbox up and you ignore all the signs what you think was going to happen. You scared him away if anything. Who sends that many texts for a massage? The man offered for 4 hands and you declined. He wanted a second person there because you was coming off like a stalker. When you declined, you declined the process. If you wanted the services so bad, you should’ve took whatever he was willing to give you. Especially if it was something sexual, why would you turn down two if they were willing. I don’t care what I paid, if he wasn’t asking for more and it was included and I could really use the service with whatever else comes with it, I’m taking it!

    1. You thought you ate, but no.

      I agree with you that once he didn’t want to accept cash he should have not moved further.


      The hoe asked to have four hands there so his boyfriend could make some money. 🙄

      I doubt the hoe was scared. His entire job is to meet strangers in unfamiliar places for money. The fear factor left the building long ago.

      A client should be able to call to confirm and be updated. A question deserves an answer and those that can’t give lack basic professionalism.

      He was a bum scammer and leave it there honey.

      1. Clearly I said it unprofessionally done from jump but since you thought YOU ate that by so called trying to check somebody, blogs are set up for unpopular opinions and yours falls into that category of how you felt about what I said. Clearly I mentioned that communication should have been done and if communicating wasn’t working, why continue to do business with that person. At that point, I’m making arrangements to get that money back. The ONLY thing we agree on is that he was a scammer and he should have never pursued further, but whoever you think you are checking, save all that trying clout shit for twitter. I said what I said. You simply could’ve made your little post and left it at that, now eat that

        1. “CLEARLY”

          For Twitter? Where? If you don’t sit your country azz down wasting time being repetitive.

          You’ve been digested 💩 and there’s nothing further to say.

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