WOLF MEAT: (448)

beach weather is going to be among us again.
that means a sun kissed glow,
a lot of meat,
and this


Is that real?

that is a lot of bunz for that little bottom.

12 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT: (448)

  1. I love fake asses. I love to touch smack.. a niggas wit a fat ass can get it fake or not.

  2. These are obviously fake and appear to be deformed, and therefore he can keep them.

  3. Is that in Brazil?! You know they go overboard with the body enhancements, from muscles to asses.
    It looks fake, but it could very well be real with some injections. His proportions are off being as small as he is, so it looks funny when he walks. Big upper body and big ass.
    I’d take his friend though. He’s more my body type.

  4. Oh no baby what is he doing? No hell no! But the gag is, some nasty ass top will be DMing him all over the place trying to get into them silicone valley cakes. These wolves/hybrids don’t care anymore.

  5. Fake bake. He definitely lives up to the saying “act like a duck, walk like a duck” for real!!! whats sad, he could have gotten a better body by hittin the gym.

  6. Hell no that’s not real. That hard, fake booty is not cute. Now the other one is nice.

  7. that looks fake as hell tbh like the nicki minaj & k.michelle style ass except those at least look good on them. i’m sure the guys would still be all over that tho’

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