MEAT: (771)

speaking of towels that would look nice on my bathroom floor

lowkey: did he shower with all that jewelry on?

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “MEAT: (771)

  1. one of the foxholers sent in an update on this hyena.
    this was the message that was went to me about a alleged run-in they had:

    “He said I don’t do gays verbatim. I said what do you mean?

    He responded with he doesn’t like gays looking at his page or making ANY comments.”


    1. Dumb. People are people. You can not control who looks at you. Dude just got completely unattractive. He might as well be smoking cigarettes.

      1. ^My thing is he’s looking fruity as hell in this picture but doesn’t want us looking. 😂 I wonder how many different poses and pics it took for him to decide this one looked hetero enough for the gram.

      2. ^Yes. Those who protest so much, especially over a situation that they cannot control (people looking at their page) unless they block or restrict access to their page, usually have some issues with sexuality.

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