No Straights, No Shirts, But Good Service

tumblr_msp0fb0Zi91seony2o1_500i’m not really into gay clubs/bars.
depending on the event,
i’m not into the straight ones either.
well that is unless i’m in VIP.
i don’t do “on the floor”; no j.lo.
last night a hybrid associate wanted me to come out.
he knew i was depressed so he wanted me to “remember” what fun the city was.
i thought we were going to a restaurant or something.
oh no.
he wanted me to meet his new snow fox that he has been messing with for two months.

“you made me miss breaking bad and devious maids for this?” i asked, when i arrived downtown.
“he’ll pay for your food and dranks.”
“‚Ķokay so where we going.”
“a gay bar.”
“oh jesus.”

i wanted to turn around…
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Jamari Fox’s Interview With A Vampire

last night i ended up in a white gay bar.

i didn’t plan it.
it kinda sorta just happened….

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