He Has Me All Wet (and I Got Drenched By The Rain Too)

i think work wolf knows what he is doing with me.
he has to because this makes no sense.
absolutely no sense.
one minute he has me confused with the vixens.
the next he has me horny as hell when shit like the following happens.
i might not be dealing with an amateur
so after work,
we ended up going out.
the problem was…

we didn’t have anywhere particular to go.
i wasn’t really hungry or wanted to go to happy hour.
i just wanted to be in his zone.

“you got an umbrella?
its gonna rain.”

you got one?”

ill hold yours for the both of us tho.”

activate: tingly feeling.

so as we were walking in the rain,
with him holding my umbrella above us as we got soaked,
he kept looking at all the pretty vixens who walked by us.
the ones working in various stores.
even the ones who were with their wolves.
i didn’t feel jealous or sad,
but moreso confused AF.
he was also walking really close to me.
like our shoulders were touching.
so close i could smell his scent.
sidebar: which i can still smell on me.

activate: semi hardness.

so we ended up at a store.
a nice one.
he said he wanted me to dress him up like “a boss”.
he has already deemed me as his stylist.

“okay then!
i accept the challenge!”

so i gave him an outfit and told him try it on.
when he came out the dressing room,
i noticed that his shirt was not fully in his pants.
i asked him if it was okay for me to touch him.

“yeah go head.
you the stylist.”

so i tested how far i could touch him.
i adjusted his shirt into his pants.
like literally pushed his shirt into his pants.
said nothing.
i ran my hands on the top of his ass.
said nothing.
i even touched his stomach randomly.
said nothing.

he wanted me to tie his tie.
i purposely made sure i was in his face.
he didn’t give me eye contact doing that tho.
after i was done,
i ran my hands down his chest.
said nothing.
giphy-1what is happening right now?

activate: wet

as we walked around,
with him close to me,
he did a lot of eye contact and that “low voice” thing again.
i did feel him getting more comfortable with me tho.
what confused me is even tho he was giving me attention,
he was still breaking his neck for random vixens.
maybe its just who he is as a wolf?

activate: confusion

sfyY8Xdwhen we were leaving the last store,
i was looking at a shirt i really liked.
it was like 70-ish.

“i’m so broke right now,
but this is all me.”

“oh yeah?”


“don’t worry ima cop it for you.
you can wait next week?”

“wait what?”

“ima get it for you when i get paid.”

he said that.

activate: melted on the floor

again i’m going with the flow.
“friends” right?
or are we heading past that junction?

lowkey: i’m so horny.
i’m on a fast.
i’m so trying not to jack off tonight.
he got me all fucked up.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

55 thoughts on “He Has Me All Wet (and I Got Drenched By The Rain Too)”

  1. I hope everything is ok. We aint here from Jamari tonight. Maybe thats is a good thing. Hope it aint bad.

  2. Ok, Jamari…this is what I think you should do. If you can cook, i would suggest that you invite him over for dinner and ya’ll need to have a conversation and find out where things are, if they will progress, or if they should remain as it is (which I’m starting to think you should do). Talk about it with him, if you feel comfortable enough to do that.
    Your dressing room scenario reminds me of an incident with my best friend. We were in Macy’s (Herlad Square) and he was trying stuff on and asking my opinion. At one point, he called me into the dressing room, where he was standing in nothing but his boxer briefs. The boy had a body to die for, and he was messing with me big time. He asked me, do you like what you see? I said nope so get dressed, and walked back out to the waiting area. I knew I made him mad, and sure enough he came out heated. As we walked down towards the village, he asked me why I dissed him. I said dude, your body is tight (had to feed his ego) but you and I are boys…we are not fuckin, so get that thought out ya head. He tried many tricks to get me hot and bothered, but we never crossed that line. He would have loved to, but I had made up my mind that he and I would never cross that sexual line. We had the best friendship until he passed away from cancer.
    With some people in my life, I make it a point to never cross a line with them…others are fair game. LOL

    1. Oh wow. So sorry to hear about your friend. Wasn’t expecting that.

      It’s good to know that you’re able to draw a distintion between friends and sex–no matter how tight the body may be lol.

      1. Thanks. It’s been about five years already. I still keep in touch with his mom.
        Sometimes you have to make that distinction. Is the friendship worth risking over dick and ass? Because emotions come into play, and as hard as you may try, it’s hard to ignore them. He once told me that me and another of his friends were the only two friends he’d never slept with.

  3. Baby take it one day at a time, don’t over think things. Try to keep your head clear . When emotions run strong sometimes we don’t get a clear vision of things or situations. Have fun, but stay strong.

  4. Sounds exciting from the outside; a thrill ride on the inside, I’m sure! Protect your heart, cause you head done left!

  5. JF …… This isn’t going to end well ….. SMH this is the voice(older 🙂 ) of reason.

  6. All I’m gonna say is don’t forget the enema and don’t eat any heavy food just incase.

  7. J,

    I still thinking you’re reading into it too much.

    It’s raining…who doesn’t walk close to the person when sharing an umbrella?

    He’s looking at other girls the entire time. Now had you said he gave you eye contact while you tied his tie, we could possibly talk about SOMETHING, but its all in your head at this point.

  8. So according to the comments here
    Work Wolf is straight
    Work Wolf is DL
    Work Wolf is bisexual
    Work Wolf is bi curious
    Work Wolf is Feeling J
    Work Wolf is not Feeling J

    I’m at a loss

    1. LOL! I guess we’re not sure of what to make of him ourselves it seems!
      Work Wolf could be any one of those things, if anything he could be a combination of some options.
      I think most people think his “straightness” is questionable at best at this point, and most people think that he is feeling J, we just don’t know the extent of this. Is he feeling J in a romantic way?, Purely sexual?, Purely platonic?, That’s what is more obscure. Naturally that leaves him being DL, Bi, or curious. He could be all three of those things which all options could lead into work wolf really liking Jamari.

      Whatever wolfy’s intentions are, it seems like he knows what he’s doing, its just sniffing him out now.
      Because its still such a grey area, J should approach this situation with some caution. Its too confusing.

  9. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but……… Watch ya back. For all we know this could be an elaborate act to pull you out into the open orchestrated by LiarLiar herself. Something in the milk ain’t clean!!!

  10. Wow, talk about mixed signals. I think in you should keep doing what you’ve been doing and let himtake the lead and do the work. I see you’ve been getting a little bold but he seems to have no problems with it which makes it more confusing.

    I’m a little worried for you because I’ve been in the same situation before my “friend”. It can drive you to the point of madness I hope it gets better.

  11. Wow. That was a sweet little outing that you guys had. He held YOUR umbrella for the both of you and he said he would buy you a $70 shirt! Yeah I think he’s feeling you. I honestly think he’s bisexual or bicurious. This so reminds me of a Noah and Wade situation when they first met. Remember when they were at the coffee shop? Lol. (Season 1, episode 1 I think)

  12. I went through a similar situation a few years ago. This guy use to come to my job and sit for hours talking to me about his problems. He was married at the time but going thru a seperation and needed to vent. We eventually became good friends and eventually he became curious. But he use to text me all of these pics of vixens he was fucking which was confusing as hell. He eventually sent me a dick pic (by mistake), and it was on from there lol. Alot of these wolves are bi, but dont want to identify with it because they dont want to ne labeled as gay. Your work wolf situation sounds like mine, you will eventually get the prize, but being friends first will make your relationship stronger. I’m still friends with dude eventhough we ended the relationship after two years, because we built a bond before we took it to the next level. Your wolf knows exactly what he is doing.

  13. Damn this is truly wearing me OUT!(in a good way). Well he clearly knows about you and still welcomes you into his space. My one straight friend is like that; just very comfortable in his skin and comfortable with me. But I just don’t know but for damn sure who is buying $70 shirts at random. Hmmmmmm

  14. Jamari- For him, its not you OR the vixens. It’s you AND the vixens. Nothing about work wolf says “monogamous”. He’s a hunter who is having fun chasing you. But don’t get twisted. Once you smash, he isn’t going to become BAE. Have fun. Enjoy yourself. But don’t forget that this one ends up married to a vixen, cheating on her with vixens and foxes.

  15. Jamari, someone is playing with fire. Is it you? Is it him? Is it both of you? You’ll either have a little or a lot of sex/sexual contact/sexual conduct or you’ll flame out and the friendship will be over or substantial destroyed should he perceive that you want him sexually and should he feel the need to vehemently reject it.

  16. Jamari, I said in my last comment not to expect exclusivity, this is what I meant. He will continue to check out vixens, and you should also not view them as your competition, because you will lose that battle form that perspective! You bring something else to the table, remember this.

    He claims he is a straight dude, so he’s just checking vixens out as straight men do, or if he’s not fully straight he could be subconsciously sending you a message by doing so, but I doubt it. In any case, this shouldn’t be a surprise because we are not expecting a relationship out of this, so he can do as he pleases. Even if y’all smash, he may still smash a vixen the next day Jamari, you have to be prepared for that or you will get hurt, I promise you. I have a feeling though that if y’all smash, you will actually be the one he wants to return to, but the vixen will be the one he will end up with in the long run, as in, he WANTS to be with you vs. he HAS to be with a vixen (or at least that’s how he would feel). You have his heart atm, and that’s all you need to know. You will have to accept that you will always be competing for his attention in sorts but because you’re a guy and you guys are cool, he will probably favour you over a vixen, because he can be candid with you in comparison to a vixen, in which he has to play a role, but you will have to understand he will ALWAYS END UP WITH A VIXEN if he is “straight” as he claims.

    You have to know what you’re getting into J! the cards are all there!

    I think he might be bisexual/DL though, but Idk for sure, same case applies for both though. He’s not giving up his “straight card”.

    S/N: I love it when i can smell a sexy guy’s cologne, kinda gives me a semi too! LOL

  17. It is clear as day this guy is a virgin! He’s never messed with a guy before so he’s moving to his pace with Jamari. Jamari is the one who got his heart and trust. This is why everyone is saying CONTINUE TO BE HIS FRIEND AND GO WITH THE FLOW! This whole experience is new to him. He isn’t aggressive because he’s probably scared of his feelings for another man but he’s going with it because he wants whatever Jamari got to offer. No straight man is going to do what he’s been doing and you’re all kidding yourselves if you believe so.

  18. I’ll be honest, Jamari. This situation is starting to scare me. You are getting too caught up in this relationship with work wolf. I think there is an imbalance between the two of you. Work wolf has the upper hand. He is getting everything he wants from you, but you have to keep yourself in a straight jacket when dealing with him. You are making him look good for the ladies. I can’t help but feel like he is stringing you along. He keeps you in his orbit by getting physically close to you and now he is letting you touch his body. He knows what he is doing. I am quite sure that he knows you are attracted to him. After you told him that you are gay, the relationship has intensified. The two of you go out together and he comes over to your place. He even told you that he might come by unannounced. And he told you that you won’t say no if he does. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe the friendship is genuine. I don’t think that he is trying to hurt you. But I’m afraid that you could get hurt anyway. You have admitted to us that you are really struggling with your feelings for him. You say you want to be his friend, but you obviously want more. You are sexually aroused by him. The arousal coupled with a lack of sexual release can become quite explosive both figuratively and literally.

    As I stated before, I would much rather hear about you being in a good and stable place instead of hearing about your heartache and turmoil. Others have suggested that you branch out and deal with gay men, not wolves, that are comfortable in their own skin and own they are fully without hesitation and drama. I’m always hearing about how great and diverse New York City is. Go out there and discover the vast opportunities that New York has to offer. Go out with other gay men so work wolf will know that he is not the only game in town. He has a hold over you and you need to break that hold. By breaking that hold, you can view the offer to buy you a $70 shirt as services rendered for your styling advice rather than questioning whether or not he is trying take the relationship down a romantic road. Be safe Jamari. Your well-being is more important than a potential romance between you and work wolf. Good luck.

    P.S. I hope my advice is not out of line or disrespectful to you. I just want to know that you are happy in life.

    1. By breaking that hold, you can view the offer to buy you a $70 shirt as services rendered for your styling advice rather than questioning whether or not he is trying take the relationship down a romantic road.

      I find this explanation so interesting… classic example of how you view things in life and how others view things or could view things..

  19. i’m confused by it all now.
    like everyone said before,
    go with the flow and let him initiate.
    he always returns back to me so…
    i don’t know.

  20. He’s definitely not DL. Probably bisexual. I get the sense that he’s found something in you and the way that you carry yourself that he’s wanted in a guy but hadn’t come across yet. He’s opening up on his terms, which is how things should be. And him looking at females isn’t concerning because at the end of the day, he’s spending his time (and money) with you. If anything you should be flattered. The same way that he’s probably flattered by the attention that you give him.

  21. he stays looking at the vixens because he is attracted to women. just because he is flirting and comfortable with you does not change the fact that he sees himself as straight. He appears to be comfortable/secure or DL at the most. you have to remember that he is a “straight man” and straight men check out women. nothing personal, its just what it is. that’s the reality of being involved with a man that sees himself as straight regardless to if he is sexing you or not. they will always be checking out the women. if you can’t deal with it now how would you deal with it if things go from platonic to sexual? you and him could have just smashed, go out to eat and he would be checking out the women. DL men never stop checking out the ladies, no matter how fly another dude may be. been there done that. have the t-shirt. LOL
    knowledge is power. he has made it clear that he loves the ladies or at least is still into sexing them. you already know what you are getting into. the flirting won’t stop between you and him, things may even progress to something physical but the vixens will always be a factor. he is sounding more and more like a DL dude, but time will tell. only you know what you can handle, but you have enough information and are not going into this blindly. Just stay true to yourself. You will be fine.

  22. Jamari, idk man: idk about this one. I am not around you or in his presence. But from what you tell me I honestly just think he is a nice guy, I don’t get the gay vibe, maybe curious? BUT THEN AGAIN I DONT KNOW HIM. But straight men in society today are extremely effeminate, more in tuned with emotion, and open minded. So he could be one of those men just looking for ur friendship.

    Just be careful. LET HIM DO THE WORK. Let him do his thing if he wants to be the girls. And be his homeboy. Keep us updated!

  23. I am confused where you tucking in his shirt,touching his stomach his ass ,his chest in the changing room or in the middle of the store in front of store employees and customers? Also $70 is a lot for a gift unless it’s a special occasion like Christmas or a birthday for a platonic friend.I am konfused

  24. Sorry J, I don’t think he likes you in a romantic way. I do believe he really wants to be your friend. Not all straight wolves are homophobic jerks.

  25. I don’t know. Don’t break yet. Maybe sees how he reacts when you talk about other guys. His reaction will tell you a lot.

  26. 70$ for a shirt!?!?!? It better come with free wi-fi and the ability hypnotize wolves into marriage for all that money. I’ll be hitting up Wall-Mart’s off the rack section that day!

  27. Whats up j close call today. U guys should just remain friends u r too emotionally invested and too him he just worrying about look fresh for the ladies. Remain a friend it hard no pun intended but it will save u n the end! U deserve to be w someone that wants u w no games or hidden agenda! B blessed guys love attention for ppl and will string u on! I do think he cares we will see how much ….

  28. I think this dude is straight. Believe me, straight niggas love to do that flirty, ambiguous shit just to see how far they can take it. I live w/ my big brother and his girlfriend in Daly City, CA….one of their neighbors is another college student like me. He does similar shit like the dude you work with. For a whole year he’s been “flirting” w/ me and over the span of this year he’s had 3 girlfriends. Don’t invest too much emotion into this nigga cause you’ll get your heart broken. And once these feelings get stronger it’s hard to unlearn them.

    1. I also agree. Like it’s in our manhood. We do it all the time to other people and never notice but I do agree as well

    2. ^@Sterling…I have a co-worker like that. He doesn’t work with me in the office, he actually works on the grounds crew. Dude is madd cool. Sexy as fuck Dominican dude…and we got a few of them, but he stands out. He says and does shit that has me wondering, and he is sooo damn flirty with me. I keep asking myself, does he suspect anything, because I never gave him any indication whatsoever. We just talk about any and everything. When he talks he’s touchy feel-y, but when others are around he’ll play punch my arm or whatever. If he ever came out and said let’s do this…I’m there. I get the feeling that he might be willing, but I also think he expects me to make that first move…and that ain’t happening. I keep thinking people like to “test” others just to see if THEIR assumptions are right.

  29. Omg like. Omg. You need a show this blog is killing me. U got me checkin for updates every hour like this is orange is the new black. Lol. Keep the boundaries until he initiates

  30. Why am I horny after reading this? ☺️. Yes keep it moving at this pace though. Don’t rush anything. He knows exactly what he’s doing!

      1. He might be bisexual or he may not be fully ready to be full blown gay out. Like he may feel like he needs to prove his “masculinity or him still dicking down vixens”. I went on a “date” with a dude who was “curious” and he kept doing the same exact thing. This is what “DL dudes” it’s so weird because I went through the same exact thing with this dude from my previous job, literally from hanging out to me dressing him, because he also likes my style, like I can’t even tell you how much I can relate to this….BUT, we eventually feelings got involved at work and it was a mess. I was his manager and it was hard to balance professional/personal and I changed stores because it would have gotten messy. He was crazy..he would yell at me like I was his child in the work place but we were still just “friends” to the work place. But my boss knew what was up because she questioned me and I lied but she knew. That was my straight work wolf who became bae, who became now just a friend on Facebook.. Btw he has a child now. Sorry I wrote so much. But to make this positive…if push come to it. It can work out! Communication is key and be on same page! Rooting for you bro!

      2. Im more confused now than ever now. I was hoping today would provide more answers but just made more questions. I dont know what to think. Him looking at them vixens like that with u sont sit well with me. All focus should have been on you. All yo focus was on him. Also he dont have the actions of a DL nigga who wouldnt have never allowed yall interactions like that in public. That means either he comfortable cuz u not a queen so maybe he think no body knows, or he doesnt care what it looks like, or he dont have any alterior intentions. However him holding the umbrella and him offering to buy you the shirt is like he yo man and shit. Im a lil weary now of him. I still believe the friendship is genuine but I dont know if i like da games.
        I dont know what to think. I know this tho Jamri u gon be on this emotional rollercoaster with all that damn ambiguity until u get some answers. Keep doin what you doin and dont show yo hand cuz that nigga slick yeah.

        1. ^i will say he gave me a lot of attention,
          but he did still check out vixens as well.
          i mean he could be bi.
          shit let me get on the same page soon.
          if i put him in friend zone,
          he will LEGIT stay there.

          this may sound stupid to everyone,
          but after today,
          i felt more certain about him than ever.
          even tho i was confused because of the vixens,
          the way he looks at me when his attention is on me…
          its different.
          again i could be just stupid.

      3. Mon cher u not sure lol. Its ok because idk if he wants u to be. He gotta know whats up. I dont care if u not a queen and if nobody can tell u gay, guys dont respond to guys like that. He gotta know u like him to, i dont get y he is leaving stuff in the air. He has u by himself so he could make a definitive move at any time or at least a statement. Jamari u gotta get some answers or u gon keep goin up and down. Idk im all confused laawd.

  31. Oh and he’s probably had a gay friend in the past. You may want to inquire about that…

    1. ^i have in another way.
      he doesn’t feel comfortable with queens and likes that i’m not one.
      he said we wouldn’t be cool if i was a queen.
      i’ll ask him if he ever had a gay friend tho….

  32. So you molested him on the low.

    C’mon Daddy Warbucks! I can’t get a friend to buy me a clue, much less a $70 shirt smh lol

  33. Ok, now I can almost 100% say he is FEELING you. All that chivalry is not normal. Hell, he got ME all wet and semi. Shiiiiit…this would make such a great movie. #realtalk

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