I’m Holding On For Dear Life (won’t look down; won’t open my eyes)

tumblr_n19iyhD4vR1qzcq51o1_500everyone has an album that gets them through.
we have talked about that in earlier foxhole conversations.
someone’s “painful album”can bring you comfort within your own pain.
this whole work wolf situation has taken me places emotionally i never thought i had.
one minute i’m happy and the next i’m a mess.
well i was talking to jay and he mentioned he was listening to…

sia-1000-forms-of-fear-album-cover-1402954560now i had her album in my collection for a minute.
when i listened to it before,
i didn’t “get it”.
my spirit wasn’t ready for it like most albums in my collection.
well in my the middle of a mental thunder storm,
i put it on yesterday to see what jay was talking about.
i get her.
i totally get her.
when i like something,
i have to research it.
i wanted to know where she was coming from when she made this album.
hell i found out she wrote one of my fav beyonce songs,
“pretty hurts”,
as well as rihanna’s “diamonds”.

well her album speaks on:


music i’m sure i shouldn’t be listen to,
but i feel connected to it right now.
“burn the pages”,
“fire meets gasoline”,
“dressed in black”,
and “big girls cry” have been speaking to my soul.
last week it was beyonce’s “dangerously in love” album.
this week its “1000 forms of fear”.
whats next week?

lowkey: i love how she doesn’t face the audience.
she has social anxiety.


isn’t that brilliant?
the imagery for this album’s era is fantastic.

listen to “1000 forms of fear”: itunes | google play | spotify

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “I’m Holding On For Dear Life (won’t look down; won’t open my eyes)”

  1. I didn’t know who was the singer of the chandelier song but when I saw her performed I was moved. I love her form of art and singing, I can just close my eyes and listen to her. Good pick Jay.

    1. ^yes go jay!
      this album is helping me sort through my emotions.
      i done bawled to “chandelier” yesterday.
      i also love her song on fifty shades of grey.

      i love when the foxhole introduces me to new music.
      i’m always down for a listening session.

  2. Why I started getting emotional from the performance?! lol. I always wondered who sang this song. Now I’m definetly going check her out! Was she really facing the wall due to anxiety or was it just part of the performance?

  3. Sia is one of my current favourite artists. Look up her bio, she has gone through and goes through a lot. Death of a loved one, mental illness, depression, drugs, abuse, being close to suicide, she’s been there for real.
    She is perhaps one of the most beautiful souls to grace the music industry, and get this, she didn’t even want to be famous, it happened kind of by accident in her case lol.

    Jamari, Elastic Heart is a classic by hers as well,and she sang Breath Me from over 10 years ago. I go back and forth between Chandelier and Elastic Heart. Listening to her sing is catharsis incarnate.

    In essense: She’s FUCKING AMAZING! I talked about her on mine as well, she’s just one of those artists that deserves all the recognition she could get!

    She hides her face because she wants her performances to be about the art, the music, and to not allow her appearance or any other trivial factor detract from the artistry. Her performances are also sending messages too, and I think she’s trying to make sure the message gets across. She’s inspiring, humble, herself, authentic, and raw talent. She’s primarily a song-writer and wrote Diamonds for Rihanna and Pretty hurts for Beyonce, and a lot more.

    It’s rare for me to say this, but I’m a fan!

  4. If she ever went on tour, she’d have my money! Id be in the front row by myself zoning out!

    You can always sense kindred souls that have endured similar situations. She conveys that in her music.

    I hear she has a new album on the way and I’m excited.

    I’ve been listening to a lot of emo music like Sia and Emeli Sande lately and I balance it with 80s and 90s uptempo music like Teena Marie and SOS band.

    My taste in music is very eclectic lol

    1. OMG, I totally forgot about the SOS band! God, I love them, and I was so young when I was introduced to them, its nostalgic! You are definitely my people! LOL!
      but yes, I’m connected to Chandelier and Elastic Heart, the artistry and lyrics are just so powerful, I totally get the message.
      I heard her new album is going to be more pop-centric though, I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I’m definitely going to give it a listen. I like the more solemn side of music though, great things happens in music and art when it comes from a dark place IMO.

      …so you asked me before if I’m catfish, LOL! I have to ask you if YOU are catfish now haha.

      Emeli Sande eh? I’ve heard of her before but I’m not familiar with her music, I will have to check her out.

  5. I absolutely loved this album too. I looked up everything Sia after listening to her too!! Iys just my go-to when I want something to hold my attention while I’m alone

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