More “Friend”; Less Anxiety

tumblr_ma1thgmgyk1r7wymco1_1280i decided to buy work wolf breakfast this morning.
something inside told me to do it.
it was like an urge in my spirit.
i listened to it.
so i went and picked up a breakfast sandwich and some orange juice.
when i got up to work,
he was standing outside the building.
i don’t know if he was doing it purposely,
but when he saw me,
his face instantly lit up

“i got you something.”

his face lit up even more when i handed him the bag of food.

“aww shit!
thanks j.”

tumblr_mftsvnadXc1rv8jpzo1_250the day went by like any regular day.
he texted me on and off.
he took a while to respond at some periods.
why i even went to “he’s probably texting liar liar” was beyond me.
i did dismiss the thought faster than before.
he also didn’t even mention coming over saturday.
when we were leaving,
he was talking about his 4th of july plans.
i told him he needs to be dressed and lookin’ like “good dick”.

“i’m already good dick.” he responded,
while looking away and smiling.













tumblr_m0r4t9jA7H1qbvovho1_500 i’ll be saying that term to him from now on.
i even tried to see if i could touch him.
i wiped something off his cheek.
he didn’t hesitate.
that could mean anything tho so i tried not to look into that.
other than that,
he was extremely nonchalant about everything today.
it was confusing.

i didn’t let my anxieties and doubts get the best of me.
it wasn’t easy,
but i let him initiate everything as usual.
even tho i wanted to,
i had to relax and let him do his thing.
i made sure i didn’t respond as fast to his texts.
he wants to chill somewhere tomorrow.
i told him i’m down.

i’m going to stick with this “friend” thing.
i wrote that out loud.
everyone was right on that.
its not easy because he is the wolf i want.
he needs to be the one to make a move tho.
i’ll play the “kinda” dumb fox until that happens.

Author: jamari fox

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41 thoughts on “More “Friend”; Less Anxiety”

  1. That’s the way to do it, act like you aren’t caught up even tho you are lol. I’m glad you’re honing to let let make the moves I think it’s best that way.

    P.S. Don’t’ you hate it when they do that whole mindfuck of acting like nothing out of the ordinary happened? Lol

    1. ^YES!!!

      I hated today was so nonchalant deep down inside.
      i kinda wanted more from his end,
      but again,
      we are friends.
      until something crazy happens,
      then it just gon’ “beez” like dis.

      1. ^Right

        It’s like you’re a ticking time bomb waiting for moments like that to happen again. You should have seen me around ol dude, I was a mess.

  2. Truth is, he may NEVER make that kind of first move. The key is to try and remain unattached while gently expressing interest. I would be scared shitless to buy him breakfast and bring it to him…#bold. 😎

  3. Thats good Jamari, im glad your are finding peace with whatever the direction the relationship goes. He didnt mention saturday either because there was nothing to it or work just isnt the place to discuss it. Whatever the case he is comfortable with you and is genuine it doesnt matter the capacity. He may be the one u want and may or may not be the one you need. Be open to all possibilities, that means with him and possibly other potential wolves that may come your way.

    Have fun. Dont let your desires get the best of you. You already know he knows your emotions and will be able to detect any shift. Be free mon cher be free.

  4. See jamari I’ma need you and work wolf to cut that shit out! Cause i know you know that you know what y’all doing lol! And hey jamari don’t be surprised that when the people at work pass by y’all that they feel those vibes but they can’t quite put their finger just yet oh and btw I got a feeling you gonna be getting more side-eye from his concubines just watch cause more and more you gone make that man more sprung then you ever realized cause eventually he’s gonna let his guards and say fuck it and that’s when all hell gone brake lose lol!

      1. Look jamari I calls it how I See’s it lol! Your a friend in my head man so I just had it let chu know lol! So just be careful but other than that you do what it takes to get what you want.

    1. Thank you so much Kelly!!! Me and you are on the same page on this one. I guess that’s why I’m still single, I’m a little bit too aggressive when it comes to dating. J, you and work wolf need to have several seats lol.
      Wassup with this back and forth or as some people will call it mindfuck games? Ain’t nobody got time for this. You are a man, and as a man we are taught at a very young age to go after what we want not the other way around. You want work wolf, you have to be very clear and precise about it.

      Read the Art of Seduction and let me know what you think…Love you little bro all the way from TX.

      1. Hmm…the art of seduction huh,well you don’t have to tell me twice lol! I’m gonna check it out thanks muah! And btw this a small world I live in Austin what part of Texas your from?

  5. This shit is such a Wade/Noah situation, it’s not even funny. Probably not helping, but it had to be said. LOL.

      1. I believe in love, so I hope you do. Anything is possible in this world. I would never wanna give false hope, but again, ANYTHING is possible. And I know you saying the “friend” thing is you low-key talking yourself out of how you really feel…

        1. ^you know me so well b.
          i want to say “friend” because if I’m
          I won’t look like an idiot.
          even tho I know I’ll be hurt because I think I’m too far gone…

  6. Jamari,now you know lol. Im giving you the sideye. Slow your roll,fast self. Youll are “friends” remember? Just make sure you don’t start doing too much. I nice gesture here and there but don’t start catering to this negro and invest all your energy into him cause he is not your man…..yet. I think im understanding this go with the flow thing somewhat.

  7. I have always loved your blog but this is just making me fall in love with it even more. I appreciate your honesty and hope it all works out with your friend. Seems to be a pretty sweet guy, dare I even say curious lol

    1. ^thank you b.
      truth be told,
      im scared,
      but I’m goin with this flow and if the urge strikes me to do something,
      i do it even if I’m nervous about it.
      it took a lot to touch his face.

  8. Mmm! This is good, you’re handling it well Jamari! its okay to have second thoughts, you’re only human, you did good on not acting on them.You guys are cute! (you and work wolf)

    I might get stoned by the foxhole for saying this, but if he makes a sexual advance on you, I say go for it! That’s also part of “going with the flow” and “letting him lead”.

    You will just have to handle that situation accordingly. It CAN work, but you wouldn’t have claim over him, you would have to know that. Y’all could smash, but don’t EXPECT a relationship or exclusivity. If that’s okay with you, then you wouldnt have to turn him down if push comes to shove y’know? Or who knows? Sometimes life is just about experiencing it rather than worrying about all the little things. I know he works with you, and its complicated, but that place isn’t your life anyway so regardless of what happens, if he wants you, if you want him, just do what your heart desires IMO. Life is too short.

    If that were to happen, you would have to know what you want, what’s acceptable vs. what’s not for the both of you. The safe answer is to say no, but the risky/ more rewarding answer is to continue on. A tough decision, but I don’t think either of them is right or wrong, it just depends on your needs!
    Until then, I’m happy for you J!

    1. ^i mean I wouldn’t turn it down at all…
      it’s the what happens after that bothers me d.
      this thing is playing out like a “cute romantic comedy”…
      But what happens after?

      1. That’s good.

        Certainly. Y’know, if that happens it would probably be best to have that conversation with him and share your concerns! He seems sensible enough!
        I’m not saying it will happen either,but in the case that it does, just be prepared for anything.
        “What happens after” is the risk you will be taking, but its still worth exploring I think.
        If that happens b/w you guys, talk to him and be honest of your concerns.Get in his head!

      2. Bottom line Jamari u gon be raking yo brain till u get clarity because one part of you is telling yeah the other part is tellin you know and then a big ole idk in da middle.
        I know people said dont ask question but im not saying interrogate him . Yall friends so its only natural. Some of the questions u may end up askin may already come up in natural convo. He is open with u comfortable with you. Yall gon be round each other one on one tomorrow. Perfect time in place for light natural questions that lead to answers.

        Once you truly know what it is thats when you will know what to do with your feelings.

    2. See, I’m on the fence with this one because at the same time he (Jamari) could be happy, ol’ boy could just be looking to experiment…not looking for something serious. This could turn out good, or it could turn out bad…and that’s not to sound negative. He seems like if he were to cross the line and go there with Jamari, their relationship wouldn’t be the “primary” relationship. He would still be looking for ass from the ladies when the opportunity presents itself. If Jamari is cool with that scenario (if that’s what happens) then by all means I say go for it. but if he’s looking to be the one and only…I would say not to even go there. Another obstacle is the work environment. Should something go wrong, and again I’m not trying to be negative, it could make for an awkward environment. And not to mention nosy people pick up on things like body language, eye contact, etc.
      Personally, I’ve dealt with workplace relationships, and I said I would NEVER do that again. Too much to deal with and it definitely makes for an uncomfortable situation.

  9. Did I tell u that’s how I got my current dude who said he wasn’t interested…cooked some good food…encouraged his dreams…invite him to chill for drinks and cook for him

  10. Awe J; gosh I see so much of myself in you. I’ve brought my “work boo” food once or twice in exchange so it’s all good. Relax and have fun. I’m going to email you a recent development with my situation.

  11. Jam- you know that I don’t think this ends with “happily ever after”. But I sincerely want you to ring every moment of happy out of whatever comes.

  12. I agree with what one commenter said about wringing happiness. Just enjoy the flow and have a lil fun.

    I hope this works out for you in the long run!

  13. So the next post needs to be him inviting you to the gym and you guys working out together. It’s excellent comradery and ad much as you may think people overhear your conversations while lifting….they don’t. See how his mind works while in his “element” and get some pointers with your boy. Plus you’ll see him in some balling shorts or grey sweats.

  14. That was really nice of you to buy him breakfast. Like someone else said, that was bold! Good move though. The way he responded after you told him to dress like “good dick.” Yesss lol. That gif you posted after was perfect. I just started tuning in to this “work wolf ” story so I’m going to have to catch up on a few post. I’ll definitely be keeping up with it though! Sidenote, maybe the two of you can make plans for July 4th…


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