I Want To Be An Escort!

everyone always thinks being an escort is glamorous.
well how can we not?
we see all these unexplained trips and material possessions on social media.
the hot bawdies and nice clothes.
the alleged baller wolves stories that keep you wanting more.
i have said to myself countless times:

“…and why am i working a job for?”

that it all comes with a price.
the fantasy is the story being sold.
an f-bi sent me an article that about a gay escort named tyrice black.
he was interviewed by ian haddock of the normal anomaly.
tyrice actually got his start from the now defunct,
this is the story that had my hand to my mouth the entire time…

Sex working is a glamorized business in the gay and trans communities. I did an article a couple months ago with Dominique Alford that depicted his journey through escorting, but this guy I talked with today had a very interesting experience that resonated with me. His name is Tyrice Black. I have known Tyrice since he was maybe 18 or 19 and he is a cool kid that came from not ever being around gays to being engulfed in the community overnight– literally. 

Tyrice graduated high school and moved with his cousin in the same day. He held down a job and started experiencing the gay life in Killen, Texas. If you don’t know much about Killeen, Texas: it is an Army base and it is filled with LGBT people looking to get away from defending our country and being who they are and loving who they love in their off time. Anyway, he was introduced to sex work by meeting a transgender woman for the first time who considered herself a massage therapist, which can be a “prettier” word for escort or sex worker. 

Months went by and she finally convinced him to post his first ad on BackPage. His first “date” went pretty bad as he walked into the room and found himself having sex and not receiving his payment. By the way, “date” is a term used for people who pay for time for sex workers; another more unpolitically correct term is “”trick. This taught him the game and also scared him into shying away from posting another ad for some time. 

A couple years later, he was put on by a dude that was more of a professional in the game of escorting. In his words he says, “This guy was more on a grander scheme. Had a sugardaddy that would send him thousands of dollars. He said to me, ‘Watch me. I’ll show you, you know, how to talk to the client, how to work your ad.” So, this guy teaches him the ropes and he starts making big money. 200 incall and 400 outcall. That’s good money, but he was still holding down his job while doing it. In that way, it was more so out of fun than anything.

Then, he moved to Dallas and started working at Babylon (before it became what it is today) and was able to get a good following stripping and then dates would come home to him for his services. He had learned how to play into being a “twink” which dates liked and, since he had a large Caucasian fan base, the whole BBC (Big Black Cock) fantasy. Life was good. Hotel rooms at the Ritz-Carlton and riding in nice cars were the norm. He then meets a guy through BackPage visiting Killeen one weekend thinking he was a date and he ended up being an escort, too. They decided that they would work together and ended up getting in a relationship.

With his love for the guy and the fact that they now had to provide for each other solely through sex work, the career that he was formerly having so much fun doing turned into an actual job. He needed money to take care of things and things started to fail. That 200 and 400 dollars a client turned into 20 and 40 dollars because now it wasn’t a hobby, it was a job. And, in this job, he had to survive and clients weren’t consistent. Before he knew it, he was having to give clients head for 10-15 dollars to make sure he had something to eat for the day

“A lot of people talk about the life in such a glamourous aspect: about the free schedule and the traveling. Nobody talks about that time you had to get that dick sucked or suck that dick for that $20 just to get you something to eat or the time that you had to do everything for nothing,” he says. 

He tells me that he has had to personally walk around with his belongings on the streets of different cities because he was kicked out of the hotels and motels he was staying in for nonpayment. In his opinion, BackPage and sites like that have made people “comfortable out here struggling to be a hoe.” He feels as if putting a price tag on your body can do nothing but cause you to devalue yourself. In his experience, it has its moments of being lucrative, but they aren’t consistent and so you find yourself struggling to survive and, if you’re always struggling to survive, then you’ll never be a survivor. 

Further, he doesn’t believe that anyone is forced to become a prostitute– even if you are transgender. “Trans people can find a job if they want to and they don’t want to. They resort to this work and I ain’t never met one that was happy– and I done met a thousand of ’em. And then all trans want to exude sex. You see them all over social media in their bra and panties and wonder why all they can do is have sex… and be a fetish. Stop looking to sleep with the CEO and be the CEO.”

i loved this line actually:

Stop looking to sleep with the CEO and be the CEO.

pierre has (x graced us with his version ) for the foxhole,
but never did i think of the other side of the escorting.
i may need to interview an escort.
i’d love that story.
i also gotta do a part two with pierre.
coming soon.

i applaud those who get into escorting and take it further tho.
take a look at some of your favorite attentionistos/nistas.
from the big names and ig famous.
they doing:

tv shows
fashion lines
personal training

they slept with the right client and…
i’m sure you already had your suspicions on who.

article taken: the normal anomaly

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “I Want To Be An Escort!”

  1. Jamari, I won’t lie but i’ve though about being an escort. However, sleeping with old men that reek of smell, breathing issues, well you can already tell I had a recent dealing of this type. let alone I also though about being a massage therapist which believe it or not allot of the male massage therapist consists of man the majority of times And the money is good. Some of these guys come running to me asking for services as an attendants in the spa.

  2. This seemed to me to be a cautionary tale about thinking of sex work as a career rather than a lucrative side gig. And, the only people who go from $200 to $20 are people who graduate from weed to coke and heroin. Moreover, you’d be surprised at how many lawyers, doctors, and even business folk paid for bar review classes, food during internships and rent in the early days of a business venture by using what they had to get what they wanted. In that world, you only have something others will pay for for a little while. The people who get in trouble are the people who think it will last forever, use it to support a drug habit or fail to take simple precautions. In my experience, those people get into to trouble no matter what their profession. And, their hard times should not be blamed on the oldest profession. What gets me is how people somehow think that working hard to catch the eye of a “baller wolf” so you can come up and hanging out on corner offering to suck dick for pocket change are so different. #GoldDiggingIsHoingToo For that matter, so is this attentionisto bullshit. The minute you start paying your rent because people like to whack off to you, you are a sex worker. The rest is just market segmentation, marketing and bullshit justifications.

  3. Stories like this take me back to when I was a 15 year old high school student who didnt know nothing about how mean and cruel the world was or what being gay really meant. I knew at this age that I was attracted to boys but I kept it hidden. I had a classmate who was also 15 but light years ahead of me in terms of knowing about the gay lifestyle. He was kicked out the house by his ultra-religious parents and resorted to living with a grown man who took advantage of his youth and his situation. At the time, I didnt know all of the details but I remember he started dressing in all the latest designer gear, bragging about how he was going to nightclubs and just pretty much doing what he wanted to do. He never specifically told us about what was going on but another classmate he confided in let the cat out of the bag that he was living with a old punk as my other classmate said. It didnt even cross my mind at the time that he was having sex with this man just to survive. Eventually I guess the “Old Punk” got tired of him and put him out and took all of his clothes. One classmate had to give him some clothes, and we use to have to buy his lunch, he lived from place to place until his parents let him come back home which was our Senior year.

    We connected years later when I ran into him at a gay club and he just laughed and told me, he new I was family but I was so young and naive that he let me make it. He confided in me that he was going to gay clubs and sleeping with grown men as a teen. All the things I would have never been brave enough to do. He told me that he wished he would have cared more about school and had the support I did growing up. He also told me how being out there led to a period of being on drugs, going to prison and going straight for a little while, long enough to have a child and finding out he was HIV positive. He told me he was just taking one day at a time and being thankful he was still here.

    We never really talk about the boys who have to resort to sex work just to survive and it hits boys of color harder being that they already have grown up in poverty without any positive factors such as both parents, good education and other support systems. Many of these old ass men who know better only concern themselves with a nut and dont care how they exploit these boys when they should be trying to guide them. I am sure early sexualization of black males also make it easier for many black boys to experiment with sex from both males and females making it easier to cross the line having sex for money.

  4. This will be lengthy

    Don’t take this the wrong way, I won’t lie J, some of the entries you post do sometimes make escorting look glamorous, especially when you post about attentionistos and all their shirtless pics & fancy pics on Instagram. So I can see why people think about going down that route. They slave their way through 9 to 5 jobs only to go online and see a very handsome guy/pretty woman driving a droptop or sleeping in some posh hotel which were exchanged through sexual services with a wealthy “client”. I can see how some will think it’s easy and more convenient.

    But I’m glad that you posted this because this shit is far from glamorous. Guys, Instagram is all about IMAGE, people show you what they WANT you to see. Trust me I would know, I work in an industry where image is everything so best believe Instagram is used accordingly. These guys ain’t posting pics of them tongue kissing this elderly client with dentures and loose teeth #TakeNote

    I’m not here to tell people what to do with their bodies, but I personally can’t walk with my dignity knowing that I’m regularly meeting unattractive people who I wouldn’t look twice at if they weren’t rich, just to give THEM sex (because I’m damn sure not enjoying it) in exchange for materialistic things which I KNOW for a fact I will get bored of very soon. If I get new red bottoms, I’m going to want new ones in about two months. Do I have to kiss this frog for that too? The shit is isn’t worth it & I feel like it will take my soul. Because at that point you base your value on materialistic things.The MENTAL trauma will be too much for me. Because then I know that this old rich dude got good sex from me and is off making money and off to his next hoe, while I’m here with $500 (which isn’t really much if you want to have something to show for) and a fucked up conscious that is beyond repair. When does it end after that? I feel like escorting fucks up the way you see relationships too (other escorts have attested to this).

    A person has to be going through some deep shit to go down the road of prostitution, you either had a bad experience in your life or something that left you with no choice to become a sex worker. There’s a difference between doing it once or twice for curiosity and actually doing it regularly as a job.

    Remember you gotta keep up with your “rich image” once you want to start showing people how you’re living, so fucking for money will be a regular thing if you want to go down this route.

  5. The escorting life will never go extinct as long as there are people who are willing to pay for it, and as long as people are in need of quick money. Using your own body to earn money is the oldest trick and it is reliable every time. No other explanation is needed.

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