I Want To Be An Escort!

everyone always thinks being an escort is glamorous.
well how can we not?
we see all these unexplained trips and material possessions on social media.
the hot bawdies and nice clothes.
the alleged baller wolves stories that keep you wanting more.
i have said to myself countless times:

“…and why am i working a job for?”

that it all comes with a price.
the fantasy is the story being sold.
an f-bi sent me an article that about a gay escort named tyrice black.
he was interviewed by ian haddock of the normal anomaly.
tyrice actually got his start from the now defunct,
this is the story that had my hand to my mouth the entire time…
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Are Our Favorite Attentionistos Really On Escort Sites?

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.07.15 AMhow much would you pay to smash ^him off an escorting ad?
i always get the same fox mails over and over about attentionistos.

“i just saw steven beck on back page!”
“i just saw heat on an escorting site!”
“i think this is borrell jr thigh on a4a”

i am sent the link,
i look at it,
and i can tell it’s a fake.
sometimes it’s obvious,
while others put up a damn good copy.
why do others create such an elaborate scheme off an attentinisto?
what happens when someone wants to pay big money?

i guess my question is…

What’s the point?

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