The Transgenders Will Be Holding Their Pee In Protest

remember that story of letting transgenders use the bathroom of their assigned choice?
obama was trying to have that law passed last year with a lot of talk.
we also talked about it ( x here ).
well the orange hyena and his pack canceled those plans

President Donald Trump’s administration on Wednesday revoked landmark guidance to public schools letting transgender students use the bathrooms of their choice, reversing a signature initiative of former Democratic President Barack Obama.

Reversing the Obama guidelines stands to inflame passions in the latest conflict in America between believers in traditional values and social progressives, and is likely to prompt more of the street protests that followed Trump’s Nov. 8 election.

Obama had instructed public schools last May to let transgender students use the bathrooms matching their chosen gender identity, threatening to withhold funding for schools that did not comply. Transgender people hailed the step as victory for their civil rights.

Trump, a Republican who took office last month, rescinded those guidelines, even though they had been put on hold by a federal judge, arguing that states and public schools should have the authority to make their own decisions without federal interference.

i actually agree with trump.
oh God.
don’t get too comfortable with always seeing that.

well the reason i agree,
and i think i said it in the other entry,
is only due to the fact that could end badly.
that is a rapist’s dream right there.
all he has to do is put on a wig,
a dress,
and claim he is transitioning.
he can create a full story and rape some vixen in a bathroom.
you can’t tell who is genuine and who has other intentions.
you give this a pass and all hell with ensue in every forest.
that is just my opinion tho.
i’d like to see what the foxhole thinks about it.
did the orange hyena make the right decision?

Should transgenders be able to use their assigned gender bathrooms?

lowkey: i wonder if caitlyn has a problem with this?

it’s funny how in this new “no label” society there is a fight for labels.

article credited: aol

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

43 thoughts on “The Transgenders Will Be Holding Their Pee In Protest”

  1. I think rapers are going to rape, regardless. I doubt they’d let women’s bathrooms stop them, whether transgendered folks are allowed to use the bathroom they’re most comfortable with or not. I also doubt that they’re going to just walk into a public bathroom and assault a woman right there in it. My concern is with folks being bullied or attacked by cisgendered bathroom-goers for literally trying to live their lives authentically. Which can happen in either bathroom. I ain’t sayin I agree with Trump though. It’s the bathroom. Most of us are just tryna handle our business and get out as comfortably as possible.

      1. I actually agree with the both of you and this is why their should be family bathrooms everywhere. Where it is completely private. In fact stalls themselves should be more private. I hate using stalls knowing that someone can stick their phone above my head and record unbeknownst to me. More private stalls can solve this issue. I mean a person can literally crawl or climb into the stall your using almost makes you ask what’s the point of a lock.

      2. Some of it seems justified and some of it seems like feelings of entitlement. You make special privileges for one issue there’s always another waiting. Just think the schools should decide…theyre all unique and are aware of their required needs of their particular student body.

  2. You and everyone else with that opinion are 1. Simplifying this issue and making it sound extremely trivial 2. Not considering the people it affects or being considerate of their safety.

    Nobody is going out of their way to put on a dress, heels, stockings and a full beat to go rape somebody. Really? If that were the case, what’s been stopping them from doing it before now? Because all trans women still LOOK like men and vice versa so they’re easily identifiable? Wrong.

    What about the little 9 year old trans girl that has to go into a bathroom full of middle school boys up to 9th grade who don’t understand and want to beat the shit out of her because of it?

    This is from someone who doesn’t quite understand the struggle or desire to be trans but can 100% recognize and support anyone being marginalized.

    All love meant but y’all need to stop spewing this ignorance and recognize how far back these white niggas are trying to set time back before its your rights that are being threatened. Let’s not forget it was most of us not to long ago not long ago unable to use the restroom or water fountain we rightfully should have been able to. I get it’s your opinion but you have people following you. Words mean things, let’s do better.

    1. ^why don’t they just make a bathroom for transgenders and call it a day?

      would that help the issue?
      or is there something deeper?
      it seems all this can be avoided if transgenders had their own.

      1. I guess black people need to go back to having their own as well because we’re rapists and thugs and uneducated savages you know?

        Lol take a minute and listen to yourself. Then replace trans with anything else. My God we’re talking about CHILDREN. That’s the point y’all are missing. CHILDREN deserve protection and we need to stop raising other kids to be accepting of this type of exclusion and hate. They literally just want to take a piss in peace. It’s not rocket science.

    2. “Words mean things, letโ€™s do better.”

      FoxyandTheCity, do you by any chance listen to The Read Podcast ?

  3. Rapers are going to rape. Molesters are going to molest. They do not need to disguise themselves and hide in bathrooms. What is stopping them from doing that now? It just does not happen. What is more likely to happen is a male dressed as a male molesting another male in a bathroom or Gym as in your report last week.

    Imagine the walk of shame and ridicule a child who identifies as the opposite sex must face just for the right to use a bathroom? This level of discrimination and the language they use is no different than what they used against African Americans. Let’s us not become their tools and project their hate.

    1. ^again,
      this issue could be solved if there was private bathrooms built for the trans community.
      a simple solution…

      …or is there a bigger point i am missing?

      1. You’re missing a bigger point because once upon a time – someone was saying the same thing about Black people: “We have to integrate with them?” – “Why don’t we just give them separate bathrooms, separate water fountains, separate schools – that outta sort it out.”

        The problem isnt the molesters – as people have commented already – they are existing anyway and they will do what they do – make up or not. The real issue, are the marginalized group yet again fighting for the right to pee – that’s all. At the end of it, it all boils down to that.

        low key: I don’t see little children heading into the restrooms without their parents anyway?
        Where they do dat at?? My parents NEVA as a child – even if I was with my mother – she would take me into the ladies restroom – she gave ZERO fucks

      2. As I see it, the bigger issue is bigots who do not want to accept people for who they are. They would rather shame, bully or hide them away. Separate bathrooms are part of hiding people away. Acceptance and being tolerant of people’s differences in the public domain should be our goal.

  4. I agree with the Foxhole. Jamari, if that’s the reasoning for not allowing trans go into whichever bathroom, then we’re going to have to disagree for the same reasons as everyone else on the grounds of it being a weak argument. I’m not subscribing to that mentality to deny people their rights. Listen, if you have a more conservative P.O.V. and just don’t like the idea of trans people using your bathroom or if you don’t believe in trans people like some people, I can at least respect that (while still not agreeing), but that’s a whole ‘nother argument to be had, however, if you think this emboldens molesters to throw on a dress and a wig just to molest a woman, I would argue that this law (whether it’s in effect or not) wouldn’t stop a molester from doing that in the first place. Whether it’s legal or not, I’m positive that trans people are now and have always been using the bathrooms that they’ve identified with, but (for the most part) no one would know.

    A man who wants to molest a woman in bathroom is not waiting around for a law to commit his crime! Nor does he need a wig or a dress to carry it out! If he’s going to do it, he’s going to do it.

    And to answer your suggestion about perhaps having gender neutral bathrooms. TBH, I really like the idea as an OPTION, HOWEVER, I do NOT like the idea of legal action FORCING certain persons to use it over the other. I like the idea of having a private, gender neutral bathroom that ANYONE could use, whether it be for privacy, or the safety of knowing that there is an option for those where perhaps BOTH bathrooms seem unsafe, kinda like those “mothers” bathrooms, but this one is for everyone.

    1. In addition, I don’t think we as gay/bi men are in a position to even make claims like that, seeing as we should know very well that many straight people feel the same way about us using their bathrooms, the only real difference with us is our sexualities rather than gender identities. They could (and continue to make) the same claims against us; that we’re perverted and that we just go in the bathroom to have sex with the same gender. To me, I see no difference in the levels of ignorance. I (as a gay man) only go into public bathrooms if I absolutely NEED to, and I go in there to do my business and leave, just as everyone else. I’m not interested in looking at people piss or take a crap, and adding to my point, there is no need for a separate bathroom for me, and gay people have been using the appropriate bathrooms since forever and no law is going to change that or make things any different than the way it was before. I hold the same position in regards to the trans community. IF THERE IS a gay guy who purposely goes into male public washrooms to molest guys or be perverted, does that give the state the right to deny all gay people to the rights to use a bathroom? IMO, the answer is no, and that holds true in this case. IF THERE IS a man in a wig and dress with the purpose of molesting women, does denying trans people this law protect women any more from creeps in the shadows who would use ANY loophole they can to commit their act? Again, I would argue , no. Again, if a guy is going to be perverted, he’s not likely to dress up for it. The thing is, as gay/bi WE KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THIS when it relates to OURSELVES, but straight people don’t get it. That’s why it baffles me when we get it when it relates to ourselves, but can’t comprehend it when it’s NOT us (Just like straight people, who enjoy the privilege of NEVER EVER having to think about these things, thus having these stereotypical opinions on things they know nothing of). Again, I hold the same position in regards to the trans community.

      1. ^^Dignified all of this and more๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ Couldn’t have said it better myself

    1. ^my thing is this…

      if I have a difference of opinion,
      then im open to being schooled on why i might be wrong.
      if someone has a difference of opinion,
      you school them into correcting their ignorance.
      that’s it.
      you may school me and i may still not agree,
      but it helps bring discussion and awareness.
      ive always been an outspoken font,
      but ive also been one to say “okay, I see your point” as well.

  5. Jamari, people made the same type of arguments about gay people having the right to marry and adopt children. Insinuating that it would lead to all kinds of bad things happening. Like another commenter said you can cut out trans and add any oppressed group and the effect would be the same. Historically, people have made the same arguments about black people, and women, and so on and so forth.

    I just read a study that found a correlation between increased rights for LGBT and a decrease in teen suicide in some states. Maybe you should interview some transgender men and women to get their perspective. As a reader, I would be really proud to see that!

    1. Yep. People say the nastiest things about gay men adopting kids by always linking it with perversion and paedophilia when it has no correlation whatsoever. So I don’t see how this is any different. At the end of the day the trans community are still people and regurgitating this rhetoric about “possible sexual assault” just demonizes them just like we are demonized as a community regularly. It just perpetuates more negative stereotypes.

  6. If a man wants to rape a woman he does not have to wear a dress. I am so pissed off at Trump. He is such a Liar..which I already knew. I think that people’s civil rights(Gays,minorities and etc) should never be placed in the hands of states…. because people wont be treated equally in all states. If we left it up to the states…blacks would still be slavers in some states. It has to be the law of the land

  7. I’m almost speechless.

    I cringed reading this or even reading you say I agree w/ Trump on this one.. it was like a stab to my Jamari Fox loving heart.

    I cringed each time you said “transgenders” like it’s some fucking thing and not people.

    It’s like hearing white folks say “the blacks”, it’s very much dog whistle prejudice. Not outright being prejudice but still giving a signal how you identify these folks.

    I’ve always loved the Foxhole because you provoke debate on controversial issues related to yourself or the LGBT/black community at large. Forums such as this one are not very common so you’re doing important work here.

    Just as someone mentioned earlier, you have an audience following your every word. What if a trans person is a fan of the LGBT based content you provide them. What if someone anticipated your thoughts on this political hot topic this week and you gave them this…

    You sound a lot like Trump in this post… and like him the logic is completely going over my head.

  8. In the last few months two little boys ages 10 and 11 have been raped by two different men in public libraries here in Houston.So I propose we create separate bathrooms for men to protect little boys from being raped.Who all is in favor of my proposal? I am sure everyone wants to protect our boys.#sarcasm

    Google it, there are hundreds and hundreds of instances of men dressed as men raping boys,girls and women in public restrooms.

    Separate is not equal.Segregationist wanted separate facilities,schools,etc because they feared being around black people.They claimed we were violent,sexually amoral,dangerous.They wanted to protect their white women and kids from black people.

  9. Jamari at this point i think we will never agree on those subject like feminity in gay community or translife. I think gay people who think like just don’t want to understand. That rape excuse was (and still is) use against gay men too. They say gay men shouldn’t be allowed to adopt, teach or do whatever invole children because they gonna rape the children. And now you say transpeople shouldn’t be allowed to use the bathroom that matches their gender because of rape.

    I love you jamari, i really do but that is just pure ignorance. First you and other people who think like you should educate themselves on the subject, know what actually define a gender. Sex doesn’t define your gender, it’s way more complex than that. The way transpeople feel is not just a whim, it’s not like these people are playing “pretend to be x or y today”.

    Cis-people should be grateful to be born in a body that matches the way they identify themselves.

    Why not create a bathroom for transgender? really? Next what? School for transgender? Bus for transgender? fountain for transgender? I think transgender is the new black.

    And like Laverne Cox said, it’s more than bathroom, it’s about transpeople right to exist in public space. If they can’t go to a bathroom that matches who they really are, a transwoman can’t apply for job as a woman, a transperson can’t adopt, they can’t do anything, they can’t exist in the society.

    It’s really sad the read that jamari, especially coming from a black gay fox, who experiences discrimination on a daily basis, you should know better.

    Transpeople rights are LGBT+ rights, transpeople rights are human rights. Transpeople have the right the exist and live in the society like everybody else.

  10. I forgot to mention this earlier but my rule of thumb when dealing with people who support discrimination, intolerance,bigotry,etc is to substitute the group they belong to with the group they have an issue with.So with the travel ban I would substitute Blacks for Muslims.Would you support a ban of people from mostly black countries.? Would you support an immigration policy that deported mostly black undocumented workers rather than Hispanic ones? Would you support a public restroom policy that created separate restrooms for Black people rather than Trans people?
    The fact is there are Black Muslims,Black undocumented workers and Black Trans people.They are us.Their rights are human rights.
    People are going to learn just like Trump(Bannon) is targeting Muslims,Mexicans,Trans, etc. In a matter of time he is going to target Black people(stop and frisk, voting rights), gay people,women’s reproductive rights,etc.

    Steve Bannon is a white nationalist who only cares about white,Christian, heterosexual men.So I can’t be silent when I see people being denied the basic right to use the damn restroom.

  11. I get so tired of people comparing the transgenders to segregation.

    The problem with segregation was it was supposed to be “separate but equal” when in actuality it was anything but.

    Completely different situations and its even more concerning when it’s black people comparing the two.

    The problem with this going to whatever restroom you identify with is its too damn broad. Doesn’t say you have to have undergone gender reassignment surgery or you changed your gender on your birth certificate.

    Why not just pass a law saying all public restrooms are unisex then.

    I don’t really care because I stay in a red state where this would never be tolerated anyway.

    1. I completely agree with you Jay. Black people who equate the bathroom discrimination of trans men and women to “separate but equal” are showing their immense ignorance of their own history.

  12. It’s very disturbing to me when people support discrimination especially when it’s black people.It’s very disturbing to me when people support fearmongering especially when it’s black people.It’s very disturbing to me when people support “separate but equal” especially when it’s black people.

  13. Transgender is still a touchy subject for so many people, gays included. Peeped over to some urban websites and they are thrilled.

    1. We dont need to rationalize their response for them. The goal is to teach and providimg parallels with other civil right perspectoves goes a long way in achieving that.

      We have to stop othering transpeople and perpetuating negative rhetoric. Especially considering that this same rhetoric was used against the various groups we all belong to.

  14. I hate that this perspective is so prevalent among black gay men. I’m constantly amazed at how we overlook the parallels to our own struggles.

    Then again, folks who say this also trivialize assaults on the black gay community and claim that activism is “complaining” and “fake outrage”. I’m wondering where this false sense of security is coming from.

    This is just the first step in fucking all queer people (especially those of color) over from this administration.

    1. Okay, not trying to be insensitive, but I don’t understand how any of this will lead to issues for queers. There’s a reason we have bathrooms separated by gender, allowing transgendered people to enter any bathroom is essentially creating unisex bathrooms and people are rarely comfortable with that. I’d even have a problem if gay men that aren’t transitioning, like myself, wanted to use female bathrooms too. Women ARE different from men, it’s why we need separate bathrooms, sports, etc. Every struggle is different, I’m not saying it’s okay to ignore issues when they don’t involve you, but I still wouldn’t compare this to racial segregation or homophobia.

      Allowing unisex bathrooms in public schools is going to create so much conflict, Jamari was just giving one example. The primary issue I see is a raise in sexual activity between teenagers at school.

    2. Trump is planning on butt fucking all of us regardless of race or orientation brother. He already started with the travel ban. Stop and Frisk will play a huge role in the black community once that is established. This bathroom drama is a minor issue compared to what’s really about to go down. I hope I see this much fight when it comes to issues regarding black people as a whole. All the protesting but I didn’t see nann of them marching for black people’s rights when we were being butt fucked by congress for segregation and oppression. Gays need to stop acting like special unicorns because BLACK AND GAY means something entirely different to other communities. The gay community likes to complain about everything but turns a blind eye to all the reckless sexual behavior going on.

  15. Congressman John Lewis who was brutally beaten while fighting for civil rights called these bathroom laws, especially the law in Mississippi “hateful”.So I will trust the opinion of civil rights leaders who actually fought against discrimination, against bigotry, against segregation.I will trust that they know our history.I will trust that Rep.Lewis is not “ignorant” when he compares LGBT rights to civil rights.Of course they are not exactly the same but discrimination is wrong.Denying trans people access to public bathrooms is wrong.My relatives being denied access to go to the library,to shop at stores, to eat at restaurants in East Texas during the Jim Crow era was wrong.It was “hateful” as Congressman John Lewis said about these bathroom laws.

  16. What throws me off is how butthurt some folks get about transgender people. There’s so much disgust and hatred for people that really have no impact on your day to day lives. I’m inclined to think that a lot of people are really uncomfortable with people whose existence challenges their worldview, so they lash out angrily.

    Of course the struggles for black civil rights, gay rights and transgender rights are all different struggles, but the parallels are obvious. Again, I don’t get why some people get so pissy about the comparison.

    It’s a common theme in this Trump era. Let’s use the outliers as an excuse (Mexicans are rapists, refugees are terrorists, etc) to justify policies that hurt the vast majority.

  17. I’m fine with letting states decide.

    I will always be against it until the larger implications of allowing this are stated. Not in terms of just the restroom but whether someone goes to a male or female prison or what are the requirements of being a transgender. If I say I am does it make it so no questions asked?

    I doubt a female child identifying as a boy is going to have it much easier in the boys lockerroom. Furthermore children get bullied everyday for a variety of reasons. I work with teenagers that don’t want to go to school because they can’t afford new clothes to wear.

    I also worked with many “transgenders” in psych facilities and we didn’t allow them to share a restroom with anyone. They had their own.

    Don’t believe in all that. Never will. Don’t care if my opinion offends because that’s your issue and will gladly say it to anyone’s face.

    If we all want to equate being black with all this I should be able to identify as white too.

  18. Its funny how in this new “no label” society there is a fight for labels….lol couldn’t have said it better! I dont understand.

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