blueface is oddly interested in his son not being gay

one of the foxholers said they think blueface uses sex energy on his victims.
i can’t unthink it but i don’t doubt it either.
so remember ( x this entry about blueface ) i fonted about?
it was him asking his young son about being gay.
blueface asked his son again if he was gay but there is a twist


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what a bizarre thing to ask your son over and over.
why is he obsessed with making sure his son isn’t gay?
it’s giving projection.

6 thoughts on “blueface is oddly interested in his son not being gay

  1. I believe he is in the closet. He knows it and he’s afraid that he has passed it on to his son. Why would you ask a child if he’s gay or not. His son is not old enough to know what he is.

  2. It’s the filming of these interaction t with this poor child that has me confused. Is it damage control for the 1st cringe video?? Does his son have gay tendencies and he notices???? I can’t believe he is an “Artist/ Rapper ” and feels that posting these types of interactions will enhance his career. I am sooo out of touch. I feel old.( sigh)!!!

    1. It actually verges on abusive behavior. The child isn’t able to consent to these videos being taken and posted, and Blueface is harassing the child about his sexuality. It’s disgusting. He comes off as a repressed/DL bi butch queen who is projecting his fears on that little boy. Whatever the child’s sexual orientation, Blueface’s actions are traumatizing and need to stop. Immediately.

  3. To me, it doesn’t matter how many times they ask the question. It’s how you treat them and his response was genuine so I don’t see anything wrong with it. He still told him he would love him and support him no matter what. That’s the one thing parents need to instill with kids so they don’t grow up thinking they can’t be honest with themselves and their parents. We see how that goes already.

    1. ^of all the things he is asking his son,
      he is asking if he is gonna be gay?
      he literally did a “yes!” in that video when his son said no.
      his son doesn’t even know what being gay is!!
      the mother had to ask what are you even asking him.

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