cardi b might be getting charged for assault with a deadly microphone

i can admit that i thought cardi b was right when i first saw the video.
there is a trend of randoms throwing things at performers on stage.
it started with bebe rexha getting hit with a phone while performing:

…others have been getting hit upside the head with random shit too.
it kicked off a trend that could get idiots arrested and sued.
so when i saw cardi get hit and threw her mic at a random:

i agreed with cardi because she fought back.
it seems like she is gonna be fighting a charge tho…

Cardi B could face consequences after retaliating against a concertgoer who tossed a drink in her face by hurling her microphone in their direction.

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department confirmed to EW that on Sunday, a concert attendee filed a police report for battery. She said that while attending an event the previous day, located on the 3500 block of Las Vegas Boulevard, she was struck by an item thrown from the stage. No arrests or citations have been issued at this time.

Representatives for Cardi B didn’t immediately respond to EW’s request for comment Monday.

and it wasn’t until i saw more context:

in my head,
cardi and the random are wrong.
cardi wanted water up her cooch so she basically opened that floodgate.
the random threw whatever was in the cup after cardi got a wet cooch.
it sounds like they both had a dumbass moment.
they might be able to sue each other for fuckin’ around and findin’ out.

lowkey: drakey poo is loving what is thrown on his stage…

article cc: ew

Author: jamari fox

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  1. The moment was over and the fact she said water, not ice so I don’t think the fan will win that case. Cardi did say wet her cooch up and she gave them plenty of time to do it. Everybody threw water, she was hit with ice when the girl threw it on stage. Everybody else was like what the hell.

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