was anyone else right about lizzo like i was?

i’m never wrong about a person once they irk my spirit.
when i sense something is off,
i am usually right about them even when i tried to ignore it.

I was right about my hunch about Lizzo.

don’t get me wrong…

when she hit the scene,
i was happy to see a big beautiful bbw take charge.
( x i wrote about it here )
her first album was everything and helped me get through my last job.
it wasn’t until that door dash incident

…is when i really started to have pause on her.
the way how she handled that was disgusting and then was wrong too:

everyone cheered on her wrong doing or turned the other cheek,
but that’s when i started to side-eye her.
( x see all that here )
during the pandemic,
she started doing the most all in the name of “body positivity“.

a majority of the time it came off sloppy,
and did the opposite then make her look confident to me.

When people called her out,
she used tears as a way to manipulate people into taking her side.
If you even spoke about her negativity,
her legion of white feminist stans would take you to task.

i still haven’t listened to her second album.
so when all this mess came out about lizzo yesterday:

I have no doubt that the alleged has truth to it.

i’m not shocked she would bully or treat others so shitty bts.
she reminds me of many of the fat vixens or males i have met.
they want to act like their weight is their pride but that is all a mask.
remember mo’nique about “skinny bitches”?

I’m still stuck on her allegedly fat shaming when that is her entire brand.

lizzo strikes me as someone who wore a mask to sell a product.
celebrities are brands and we can’t trust what we see 98% of the time.
i’m sure she will be fine and should settle this out of court.
folks are starting to talk:


…and it’s not looking good.
.you know it’s bad when bey cuts you off too.

lowkey: this was the statement lizzo’s dance captain,
who is being sued as well,
had to say and…

… i already don’t trust her.
these overt christians <<<<<

x see all the mess about lizzo

6 thoughts on “was anyone else right about lizzo like i was?

  1. Everybody have their moments and I think Lizzo weight and threats overshadowed her “alleged” behavior towards the dancers. Everybody falls off that pedestal once. It’s how she will treat her dancers afterwards before she actually gets cancelled or “retire”.

  2. Man you weren’t checking for Lizzo at first. You were checking for the model with nice chest…lol

  3. Lizzo is full of faults ,but she doesn’t hide them or pretend[ I can deal with this]

    What did these girls expect??? Lizzo has a Punk Rock attitude . So, anyone who joins her show/tour etc. should not act surprised . I think it’s a shakedown. I still like her music ,but knew she was raw and full of Hijinks .

  4. I never really had an issue with Lizzo’s weight cause there have always been heavyset women in music. Never been an issue. One of the issues is I’ve heard all of her music adjacently. I’ve only listen to ONE song of hers intentionally. Why do I know lyrics of yours of songs I never pressed play on? The main issue is she’s corny and I feel like she makes music for white people. Who in the black community really listen to Lizzo? She doesn’t market to her community. I also dislike that she basically forced these girls into gay activities. How you know those girls even got down like that? Furthermore, Lizzo is their boss. That’s an unsafe and sexualized work environment. Why would you want to influence women into another sexuality? Like that’s like us forcing a straight dude to do whatever we want. For all of this women empowerment she speaking and advocating for, this is not ladylike. But then again, who people present themselves as is usually never who they really are. Probably lapsed on her monthly dues. Catch…

    As far as that Quimby Quigley lady? I feel like people that mock God are the most cursed. Cause she so Christian, but not enough to not make secular money and delving into sin while claiming God in public. I’ve had three pastors come up to me in my life, so these Christians aren’t what they claim. Watch what’s gonna happen with her cause why she playing with God for?

  5. She lost me at how she treated another BBW British black artist who she had to get dragged to give credit for lyrics and how she handled that situation too

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