age is still a number (12 year olds are NOT sexy)

i know a few wolves who lost their virginity to much older vixens.
they were around 10 – 12,
but started fuckin’ some she-jackal who was 19+.
now that the kids look so developed/muscular at such young ages,
it’s hard to really tell who is “of age” anymore.
for straight males,
it’s often bragging rights to bang a much older vixen.
it’s the same thing with the gays.
there are much older jackals and hyenas who prey on younger males.
 pornhub and xtube are perfect examples of it.
i’ve never seen a she-jackal get highlighted for her predator ways before.
she is 19 and claims she was “seduced” by a 12 year old.
she ended up giving him herpes too.
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