There is Nothing Scarier Than a Threatened Manhood


some animals don’t like their manhood threatened.
how does one threaten someone’s manhood anyway?
they will take great offense you cross that line.
nowadays with the transgenders,
a straight wolf may try to holla and not realize what’s up.
well that’s what happened to islan nettles in 2013.
she was beat to death because she threatened a jackal’s masculinity.
well this is the story via new york daily news

His bruised male ego made him kill.

The 25-year-old man accused of killing a transgender woman at first denied he was “hollering” at victim Islan Nettles before the fatal encounter until a dogged detective called his bluff during a 2013 interrogation.

nettles2n-1-webpicture credited: jb nicholas/jb nicholas for the ny daily news

James Dixon tried to argue in the interview — which was videotaped and played in Manhattan Supreme Court Friday — that gender confusion was not at play when he callously beat the victim.

Dixon claimed he simply “had some words” with Nettles and that he did not remember them until NYPD Det. Thaddeus Hall, now retired, pressed him for the real story insisting Dixon’s version “didn’t make sense.”

“There’s something that leads up to the altercation … so what transpired?” Hall said. “Did you try to holler at her?”

Dixon finally admitted that “yes” he was trying to seduce Nettles until one of pals called out, “That’s a man!”

Dixon said he had just been tricked days before by other women and had been “clowned” by his pals as a result.

He agreed that he felt his “manhood” was threatened by his streak of unknowingly hitting on gals who were born men.

“I just didn’t want to be fooled,” he said, during the hour-long recording in which he was at times evasive but spoke matter-of-factly.

He was eventually indicted for manslaughter and assault in the incident on Eighth Ave. near W. 148th St., in front of a police precinct about 12:20 a.m. on Aug. 17, 2013.

The investigation was on hold after investigators realized the original suspect, Paris Wilson, was not to blame.

Dixon voluntarily went to the precinct after he was confronted with the knowledge that Wilson was taking heat for what he had done. Dixon fled the scene and Wilson was apprehended on an assault charge that was later dismissed.

Dixon told cops he experienced “blind fury” when he attacked Nettles and said he didn’t realize the damage he caused until hearing the gossip in his neighborhood.

Jury selection in Dixon’s trial is slated to start Monday. He recently rejected a plea offer of 12 years in prison in exchange for a guilt admission.

He faces up to 25 years behind bars if convicted.

did the trans-vixen tell him she use to be a “he”?
sometimes they fail to do that.
all trans-vixens should be straight up about their past.
not every straight wolf is down for that,
no matter how much they pass.
that’s just me tho.
now would he have killed her if his friend didn’t call him out tho?
w2RLgSUo6pyk8probably not.
he may have kept it a secret.
it seems because folks were makin’ jokes,
he ended up reacting.
well he gonna be guarding that same manhood for a long time.
25 years worth of dodgin’ big bubba.
was it all really worth it?
again: probably not.

tumblr_mbne300wyy1r9dsg6o1_250as i was reading this story,
i thought about all the “meat” that i put up for the foxhole.
someone is probably really insecure about “us” looking at them.
between church views and how they were raised,
they can feel like we are threatening their manhood as well.
as much as we can scream “get over it”,
it can be a culture shock to know a bunch of “us” are gawking.
some are ignorant to think just vixens like their half naked bodies.
it’s alarming how many vixens don’t like muscles in real life.
even though they should already know nothing is ever:


…there are truly some who live in the stone ages.
everyone in the foxhole be careful out there.

article taken: new york daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “There is Nothing Scarier Than a Threatened Manhood”

  1. Eh, I’m kind of like the rest of the general public…I don’t feel one way or another about it.

    All I gotta say is at the rate transgenders are killed and barely talked about you’d think they’d want to be upfront about being men.

    That’s not victim blaming, that’s taking the proper precautions.

    I’ve yet to hear any of these stories on a news program.

    1. Jay, I agree they should be honest, which is why I feel so bad about this case. Some of these crazy ass people use that scenario as an excuse to kill.

      In this specific case the clown got mad because his friends teased him about always “mistakenly” talking to trans women. The fucked up part is, when he straight up asked them if they were born a man, they told the truth.

      1. Exactly, the theory of “proper precautions” in this case is out of the window. What were they supposed to do, walk around with flashing and blinking lights to avoid the crazies? Nah, she was screwed, he’s a psycho, he killed her, precautions be damned.

      2. EXACTLY. I feel he knew what he was doing…but because he was called out by his “friends” he felt he had to go to the extreme, instead of just walking away and coming back later when no one was around to hook up with the person.

  2. I feel bad for black women. Not only 70% of black women are single, but I already know black men are going to be asking black women “Are you a man or woman yo?” This only going to push them even further to dating white o Latina vixens

    1. @Lindo must u insist on being a racist bitch, why dont u start ur own blog for the goyas and stop coming on here talking about who you feel bad for. No black womaqn needs your sympathy as I’m sure you live your life wishing you were one. I really want to beat the fuck out your punk ass. You have such an obsession with a race and people that’s not your own. You bum ass latinos got a lot of shit you’ll need worked out especially in youll gay community, everybody knows all latino men are bisexual anyways, but your weak ass women know better then to say something about it. Feel bad for latina women that have no back bone and no say so. Our women will be just fine without your fake ass sympanthy. You right black men probably will ask if you’re a “woman or man yo” you spics dont care since youll fuck anything with a pulse, child molesting raping asses. Mothafucka go be concerned about that.

    2. OMG
      Your comment makes no sense since there are white and Latina trans woman so why not say I feel bad for women.
      Don’t feel bad for this Black woman

    3. Yeah because trans women are all black.. Pathetic ideology. Shut up bitch & go make some tacos.

    4. Where do you get these figures from. Also you do know that Latinos and people of African descent nearly derive from the same source, Africa since that is where the first human being originated. I find it funny when certain Latin people look at themselves as being higher than blacks or try hard to identify with whites. You should really study facts prior to speaking it really isn’t a good look.

  3. *Waiting for the comments blaming the TG in 5,4,3,2…*

    At the end of the day, someone was killed for just being who they are. At what point does it stop being about someone’s “views” (half of the time, it’s not even a perspective, just an excuse to feel superior) and become about humanity? I suppose the answer is never. Your “views” about someone trump someone’s life. He feels “tricked” or whatever and he kills them. Seems like a fair trade (<<<sarcasm).

    I guess this is the "real world" that people want to live in. I'm certainly not surprised. Sad.

  4. The most disheartening part of this is the state offering this jackazz a 12 year plea deal for violently beating a human being to death. I know he refused the deal and will take his chances at trial, but it shows the lives of LGBT has no value in the eyes of the criminal justice system.

  5. Why would she tell some stranger “hollering” at her on the street she is TG? This has nothing to do with her or her behavior.I am so tired of this blaming the victim BS.A man in California murdered his gay son.All weekend I have been reading BS comments blaming the dead son because his religious father was probably ashamed or embarrassed by his son’s sexuality.Fortunately the D.A. charged the father with premeditated murder and a hate crime because the murder was committed due to the victim’s sexual orientation.
    RIP to both of these victims

    1. Agreed. In this case, she had no reason to disclose anything about her unless she wanted relations with him, which I’m assuming wasn’t the case. I think even if she DID declare it to him, the result would have been the same in THIS case. He’s psycho, end of story. He killed someone for NO good reason. People will continue to find ways to justify stupidity. It never fails.

  6. I feel that gay men are more into muscle than women are on a general scale. That’s why many of us (not all) feel the need to hit the gym because we’re part of a very superficial community where guys will look past an average sized body, hell or even a gut LOL.

    I also feel that because many gay men hookup online (where expectations are unrealistic) as opposed to in person, it’s very easy to curb/ignore somebody if they don’t fit your mould standard. A person may not catch your eye online because you only get to see a brief snippet of them. However when meeting in person, their energy/aura/personality and even looks could be a whole different story.

    Kids don’t usually play a part in gay relationships either so when all you have is your partner, you’re going to need to spice things up somewhere. Plus there’s guys who just want to hookup so maybe that also plays are huge part in the superficiality analyses, because looks are one of the main factors when it comes to hookups.

  7. I’m sorry but how can a gay man speak for a trans woman. First of all we wasn’t born men, we were assigned male at birth, base on genitalia. If I understood the article correctly, it seems almost like she was blame for not disclosing herself as being transgender. You not obligated to tell someone your tea you just met. You still not obligated to tell them if you decided to go on a date with them. You are obligated to tell when you decide to become intimated with someone. What trans woman is going to tell a group of guys she don’t know what she is. Being a trans woman, I do get hit on a lot. I think most of them may know I am trans. But like any woman, I usually ignore them, because if you try to talk to me, please be respectful. I don’t allow a man to “holler” at me. I only date men that are gentlemen and treat me like a lady. Yes, before I go out with them, I am upfront. Last but not least, there if a misconception that we transition to pull men. This is not true for me, I did it for me. Bottom line she was kill not because of her, but because of someone insecurities.

    1. I’m sorry to say this but you can’t be assigned as a male or female, you are born as a female or male. This might sound offensive but majority of transgenders have a mental deformity that cause them to believe they are another gender which they are not. Just because you believe you are another gender it doesn’t mean you are, it just like I believe I can fly but it doesn’t mean I can actually fly.

      1. In the words of R. Kelly, “I Believe I Can Fly” Bottom line I am a female, doesn’t matter what u think, what my DNA says. Doesn’t matter about chromosomes. This is how I identify. Yes I know about gender dysphoria. I not sure what u are. Are you male, female, gay or bi? Was you born gay or straight? Did you make a choice? Everybody has an opinion. Just mind your business and lets others live their life as they choose. And we as trans women seem to get it the worst from gay men. It like it some type of competition. We also get it from cis women as well.

      2. @Lindo there are intersex people who are born with male and female reproductive organs and or ambiguous genitalia who are assigned gender.An intersex person killed themself because they were assigned a gender different than how they identified.I don’t know what your field of study is but I doubt seriously you have facts to support your opinion.Your comment is similar to people who say the majority of gay men are pedophiles.

        You realize many people think gay people have a mental or moral deformity that makes them attracted to the same sex.How do you feel when people say you are confused,sick ,evil,etc for being who you are.Do you have a mental deformity that made you gay? It’s OK to say you just don’t understand something but it’s not OK to negate someone’s reality.It’s like a white man telling me what it’s like to be a black woman and negating my experiences with racism and sexism.

      3. How can you make a generalized statement that has no medical findings to support it by saying most Transgender suffer from mental deformities?

    2. You’re born either a man or a woman. You just chose to take on the role of a woman or man.

      I do understand that there are some folks born with certain things but can you explain to me how you were assigned a male when you have a penis.

      Doesnt that make you male. Then some of you still have strong man faces, adams apples and everything a man has?

      Bare with me as Im still being educated about Transmen and Women.

      I remember reading somewhere about a transwoman getting a transman pregnant & that shxt just sent my head to the f**king moon and back. Im so confused about Trannies Idk where to begin.

      I will say that some are pretty though. I remember seeing one in Brazil that was gorgeous. Youd never know until the draws drop.

  8. The sad part about this is that lots of times these jackals were getting away with this. When a person is murdered after someone discovers they’re trans or gay, they say this shit for temporary insanity.

    I don’t think he’ll get away with this though, he’s too damn stupid. It almost seem like he went out with the plan to find a trans person and prove a point.

  9. Many of these men know that these transgender women were born men and they still want to holler..i bet if his boys weren’t there this wouldn’t have been an issue. sounds like he was more concerned about maintaining appearances than anything.Men with this sense of entitlement, you’re mad because it’s not what you want…Yes there are certain men who get mad if the t-girl wasnt born a women, Yet, there are also men who get mad that you’re not a tranny. I have long locs down my back and i’m a big guy but awhile back i had a profile up on a4a and i would always get responses and based on the body pics i had uploaded (with my face hidden) guys would ask are you a tranny and i’d say ‘no im a 100% male’ and i woulld get anger responses and etc. Black men have been so damaged by the societal norms of our culture that we’ve been programmed to think black men are to behave and act a certain way, even in the black gay community the whole ‘no fats no fems’ headlines yet behind closed doors those same ‘masculine’ brothas are gettin their backs blown out by other men (both big or muscular) and transgender women …so ironic and sad. this death really is sad. I just wish that we could stop blaming victims for the way they were killed. We tend to do that often in this nation

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