I Love When The Beat Is Hard and Clean

a2838537919_2i wanted to share this with my music lovers within the foxhole.
so i was just on wshh and i saw this video about gta v

i mean if i knew all you had to do was hide in the bushes
anyway the instrumental beat for the background music goes so hard.
i loveeeeeeeee that kind of shit.
good writing music for me.
so of course i had to find out where the beat came from.
found it.
its a hiphop instrumental called “april showers” from proleter.
he also has an ep where the instrumental is from called “curses from past times”.

x check out the tracks on curses from past times

its also free for download.
just something i wanted to share.
have a good night!

lowkey: i would love to hear someone freestyle on that beat.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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