X Marks The Fox: Speared Me?


Now replace “her”
Add a “him”
then also add Twitter


Speared a few times huh?

So Chrissy Poo was the Wolf all along?
A twist we in the Foxhole didn’t see cummin

*still adds Chris Brown on Baller Wolf Smash List*

(another episode of Jumpoff’s Gone Wrong, ain’t it?)


UPDATE: allegedly, it’s a fake.
Will the real truth of this story,
please stand up, please stand up….

… but a potential NOTHING TO SEE HERE!

7 thoughts on “X Marks The Fox: Speared Me?

      1. From what I understand, yes. CBrown twitpic’d it himself…why, idk — maybe he’s tryna tell us something…

        Got milk? LOL

    1. He needs this publicity, honestly speaking. A good gay rumor could help him get back on the map.

      Meanwhile, Rihanna is somewhere giggling LOUD and preparing for her release.

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