foXXX: Tearin It Up For The State Of Indiana!

tearinitupan f-bi sent this video of this wolf who claims he “puts it down for indiana”.
do you agree?
of course nsfw and 18^

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foXXX: The Hardest Pipe U Will EVER Take


This following foXXX below is what I like to call dangerous dick.

Could come from a Baller Wolf, Hood Wolf, or a regular everyday Wolf.
This is that kind of dick that will knock you into a coma.
One that when you finally cum too,
you done bought this nigga a house, a car, and supported his career (AND HE GOT MONEY!)

This is the type of dick that at the thought of it,
you get chills because you are anticipating how good it is gonna be.
This is the type of dick that when you text/call and he doesn’t answer, you get a fucking attitude.
The type of dick that will have you running around here looking like a lost savage.

Are you ready…

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…fuck u mean, “It’s Your Turn”?

Imagine you laying in the bed Foxes…

Your Wolf fucked you into submission.
You had to beg his ass to stop.
You tryna remember your whole name and he says….


Words I am sure every Fox NEVER wants to hear…


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