trevon diggs seems like he regrets breeding joie chavis

i think joie chavis was one of the prettiest vixens i ever seen.
i kinda use to think she would be above it all too.
the type who knows she is cute but OD particular.

let’s keep it real

She is kinda,
maybe a hoe.

…and i mean that is fine,
but she keeps having going away presents in her hoing.
she has 2 kids with 2 rappers…

and about to have a 3rd with a baller wolf,
trevon diggs.

he is the brother of stefon diggs and this is his 3rd too.
so they might be equally yolked in their hoing as well.
what is wild to me is joie and trevon are on and off but she decides to get bred by him.
so he has been getting clowned all over social media because of this.
this might be the shame we have been lacking in the forests.
cam’ron shared his thoughts about it on his podcast with mase and…

in a nutshell,
cam said she is a mixxy and because of being mixxy with all these kids,
she is beyond leftovers at this point.
he also stated that males get excited when they take down some other male’s ex.
which is def true.
as males,
we can be some of the biggest groupies out here.

we can tell trevon is upset by this whole situation tbh.
he responded back to cam ‘n’ nem on twitter:

what a weird flex this is and only got him clowned even further.
so cam ‘n’ nam didn’t say anything wrong.
these are industry pineapples who know how this goes.
instead of having this little funky attitude,
trevon should listen to what they have to say.
the real tea is:

It’s coming off that he doesn’t like her and seems embarrassed that she is pregnant.

his actions are giving off that he is absolutely upset with himself.
he has no hard or soft debuting his situationship with joie.
matter fact,
when she debuted her pregnancy,
he shut his IG down.

This is just a male who went raw in good pussy and upset that a human is about to come out.

so his big age at 25,
with 2 other whole kids,
ima need him to hold that L and get that child support ready for this 3rd.
no injuries or sick days baby!
trevon out here tweeting about their ages but those pineapples:

Cam has 1 kid.
Mase has 1 kid.

they knew after it was a one and done with kids.
trevon hasn’t seem to figure out his breeding situation yet.

lowkey: i find it telling that joie has been with all these males but they end up leaving her.
so its not a flex and she loses in the end.
will she be going got a 4th?
we shall see!

6 thoughts on “trevon diggs seems like he regrets breeding joie chavis

  1. Cam’ron and his pink pussy ass has been tossed around just like the rest of the hip-hop rusty, musty nut, wind bag lips male thot’s.
    Trust, he has had many seconds, thirds and sloppy fourths! All the lofty talk with his coterie of roosters is just talk!

    1. That mess with him and Mase was so cringe.

      How do you agree to a threesome then be like “don’t look at me bruh”. Goofy azz. Just be with the woman since you’re “so straight” or turn around since you can’t afford another hotel room being a successful rapper, right?

  2. Joie
    Is pretty and is going to be fine. I hope they will decide to make it official. I don’t buy the hoe narrative. Their mutual admiration created an additional member of the family.

  3. A hoe? What makes her a hoe? Because she has kids by 3 different men? Erykah Badu has 3 kids by 3 different men.Is she a hoe,too?

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