when love dies in your arms on the dance floor

we can spend a lifetime searching for the love of our lives.
dating ain’t easy ya’ll.
it requires a shit ton of energy tbh.
in this life,
we meet some males and think:


…and a majority of the time,
it turns out to be “the one who was sent from satan“.

i haven’t given up on finding someone,
but i’m taking a sabbatical.
if someone comes along,
i’ll entertain,
but i’m done searching.
the following story broke my heart today.
life can have a weird sense of humor.
it was about a gay male by the name of pierre,
who moved from paris to atlanta.
he met the love of his life and well…

how sad is this?
you go through fuck boi after fuck boi and heartbreak after heartbreak,
but as soon as you find the one,
he drops dead.
i’d be inconsolable.
i’d probably be closed off from new love going forward.
i remember the pain i felt when star fox died and he was my best friend.
stories like this show that happiness isn’t always guaranteed for us.
stories like these serve as examples and even lessons.
rip to pierre and his love.
i hope they are able to reunite in the next lifetime.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “when love dies in your arms on the dance floor”

  1. That’s not exactly how it happen. The boy died at the after hours club Zion in ATL. His friends left him alone for a few hours as people danced around him. Only when the club ended did they called 911.

    1. That part. There are those who missed the part about the toxicity of friendships and dating in Atlanta. This type od abandonment of people who are so-called friends is common there…

  2. Wow, this story definitely triggered me and reminded me how things can change in an instance. I almost lost my husband of 21 years earlier this year (heart stopped on the way to the hospital) and for over an hour he was pretty much dead. I just kept praying and they somehow brought him back through the grace of God. Even though he isn’t the same man he used to be (I knew there would be possible issues with his brain) I still am glad that I still have more time to be with him. To lose someone suddenly like that hurts whether it is a few months or many years; it is a particular type of grief that can never be understood unless you experience it. Prayers for both of them.

    1. I never felt this story romanticized suicide. I cannot imagine losing the love of your life like that only those who have lost someone like that can really relate,,,I hope their souls have found each other in a better place

  3. Unspeakably sad on so many levels. I cannot imagine the pain of having the love of your life drop dead before your eyes, and I have had loved ones pass away. But romanticizing suicide is troubling. Even with the most terrible losses we can still go on, if we have the right support and love. But I do feel sorrow for both of them and hope they’re both at peace now.

  4. Omg omg wowwwww. I can’t even imagine. I don’t want this kind of love though. The kind of love that if or when you die I’m just gone and unable to live. No thanks

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