andre marhold and bobby lytes do “little to no” sex work?

we knew it was cumming.
no pun intended.
we knew bobby lytes and andre marhold were gonna collab on onlyfans.
the question was:


we don’t have to wonder anymore because they dropped this teaser…


is it wrong i thought andre was with a vixen at first?
i didn’t know who that was at first.
it wasn’t until i focused my attention that i saw what was going on.
ima be 100 foxhole…

Don’t get your hopes up.

i highly doubt there will be any sex between these two.
i’ll be shocked if it is.
its gonna be like the rest of bobby’s collabs on his onlyfans.
“his ultimate fantasies”.
a lot of dry humpin’ and diva antics.
it seems to be his form of control tbh.
no penetration,
but it’s very “showtime after dark” in the early 2000s.
the “rubbing up and down” sex scenes that use to get us off when we were young.
we want to see andre in the 2020 pornhub smut we’ve been desensitized to.
i’m waiting for the real challenger (a true and blue hoe) who is gonna handle all that meat.

and have him stick this far up in them:


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whoever that is.
they cummin‘ for andre soon.

check out the collab: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “andre marhold and bobby lytes do “little to no” sex work?”

    1. Has a big dick and fucks only with fem bottoms in a community where they feel like they’re downed all the time. Can see why he’s such a big fantasy for them.

      1. If I had a nickel for every 20 something fem bottom who ends up as a regla ass 30 something who happens to be gay… I don’t think they’re downed so much as ppl being over every young gay boy thinking he’s supposed to be a fem bottom trying too hard to live the life of his homegirl

        1. Exactly @jason they grow out of that shit

          U notice u don’t see gay men at 60 wearing makeup in heels they either scale it back or transition

  1. Bobby has a phat ass though 👀😍. They look like they have banging sex but I agree Bobby not about become a full fledged onlyfans fucking machine just yet

  2. Bobby! This is the one where you make your hardcore debut! If bobby actually gets his tail beatdown, I will purchase his onlyfans. I know Andre and Bobby banged, so I’m hoping the reason why Bobby not actually getting dicked down by those pornstars was for safety reasons and we are gonna get something a little saucier with Andre. Bobby look good btw.

  3. I know ppl in Atlanta who knows Andre, they say he’s very weird and only fucks with the fem boys and women of a lighter hue and theres rumblings that he may have that House In Virginia, but I doubt that’ll stop the gay boys from feening over him.

    1. It’s something because his physique has changed, I’m not saying he has facial waisting but he’s definitely slimmer in the face. I assumed it was coke and recreational drugs. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had the House In VA. He’s been acting strange for awhile…. Jeffree claims she have a House In Virginia. Who knows 🤷

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