God, I Never Been Fucked In My Ass Harder Than I Have Been With Karma

Job 4:8 says, “As I have observed, those who plow evil and those who sow trouble reap it.”

Do you believe the following Bible verse?
If not, stand by the window so that lightning bolt can proceed to hit your ass.
I am a strong believer in that little bitch named “Karma”.

I have seen her come in and whip people in to shape RIGHT.
She is like a super hero for good.
Bad people did something wrong or ignorant and they were indeed punished.
I, alas, have even experienced some karma of my own.
I started to wonder…

Is karma just something we hold onto when we are done wrong?

Let’s talk about a Fox I use to know.
I thought he was cool and trusted him 100%.
Well, that Fox betrayed me couple years ago.
Completely dropped his ass and moved on with my life.
I asked about him the other day and I hear he is living in hell.
He got laid off from his job and is borrowing money from everyone to stay a float.
He use to brag all the time about how much he was getting paid and low key felt he was better.
He spends his days mostly alone since all the “friends” he had found out his shady ways and also dropped his ass.

I experienced karma with a Wolf that I was actually interested in.
He was just my type and we had a nice online flirt-ship until he came to my spot one night a few years later.
He was fine as hell, but he was short (but boy, did his short ass have body!!!!).
He bought me dinner and watched a movie with me.
Even though I was sick as a dog, I still let him get on top of me and grind the hell out of my ready and waiting cakes.
Being young and dumb, I did something that completely turned him off.
I saw him online and he is so fine, has a great job, and ignoring the HELL out if me – just like how I did him.
My how karma came and taught me a lesson.
I should have knew better.
I could been cuffed by a stock brocker!!!!!

There is a popular actress in the industry now who is experiencing her karma (or has, however way you want to look at it).
So you know people now, right?
Well, said actress was a major B I T C H in the industry to people she deemed lower.
I know her ex body double very well and she told me how nasty she was.
Even when she became a singer, she was still stepping on people’s toes.
Little did she know, those people she was shitting on…
those interns, stylists, and people she deemed “nobodies“?
Well, they are now who she needs to get work.
They became SOMEBODIES.
Let’s say a bitch had to get her grovel on to get the gig she has now.
I can go IN about celebs who have experienced karma in some way shape and form…

If we know that karma is the stalker bitch in the background – why do we continue to do bad things to people?
If there is a chance that we reap what we sew, why do get lost in those moments where we can do right?
Anytime someone does something to me, I always hear about their repercussions.
It may take a minute, but God definitely comes and drop kicks that ass…
…only after I let go of the hurt and move on.

I started to wonder about that wonderful thing called karma.
Is it all a figment of your imagination?
Or, is it tried and true?
Have you been an ignorant bastard who doesn’t realize it is your time to reap what you sew?
Or, do you go through life hurting people and haven’t got your punishment yet?
I hope you know it’s coming right?
So, I had to ask…

Are you a believer in that big payback called “fuck you” aka karma?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “God, I Never Been Fucked In My Ass Harder Than I Have Been With Karma”

  1. I believe you reap what you sow…whatever you wanna call it. It will come back; and even those situations you need to go through to learn? If you run, you’ll run right into the same thing again until you get the lesson(s) and push through it.

  2. I believe Karma is alive and well and gettin in those asses of people that are always doing someone wrong what I have learned is that Karma takes care of people far better than you can yourself cause Karma hits people in all aspects of their life Job,Health,Personal Life,Etc and sometimes all at the same time

  3. “People pay for what they do, and still more for what they have allowed themselves to become. And they pay for it very simply; by the lives they lead.”
    ― James Baldwin, Go Tell It On The Mountain

    Let it marinate. Karma moves in both directions–to your detriment or benefit.

  4. Yes, I believe in karma. It might not come right away but it will come eventually. You can’t just step all over people who help you and treat them any kind of way. That’s why it’s important how you treat people because you never know who you might need.

  5. Hell yeah, I done wrong and I had to pay for it, and vice versa. I try to treat people good. I have a good friend who sister used to call him punks, sissy and faggots while they were growing up, well guess what, the daughter she had while she was in high school is now is the biggest stud in our city, her nickname is King, she doesnt think those insults are so funny now that they were hurled at her daughter growing up. You have to be careful. I ignored this boy who was crazy about me, back in the day, well I saw this bro with another dude by the way, he had filled out went to the gym and was looking damn good, have good job, nice new home, and I was like damn, thats what you get, but I was young and having fun and he was wanting something serious. Now its my time to want something serious, and all the boys just wanna have fun. We will probably still all have our moments of karma, but I seriously try to go out of my way to do right by people now, so I can have some good karma stored up on my side.

    P.S. Jamari please list some of these celebs who had karma come back on them, not by name of course but some of their stories, I always find these stories fascinating.

  6. I do believe if you are a nasty oerson that nasty things will come back to you. However, I dont believe life is a vending machine where you put in virture and good deeds and you take out happiness. Bad things happen to nice people too. Ive learned that like falls apart, comes together, then falls apart again…

  7. I am a truly believer in the book of Karma. You have to be VERY careful how you treat people and even when wrong has been done to you, you must not interfere with the work of Karma because you can get the back end of it too. Yes lawd, Karma is my girl!

  8. Yes, I believe in Karma. I think, it’s one of the arsenal of tools God uses to let us know he’s not forgotten us.

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