Ciara is Intent On Booking That Stage!

So Ciara has come out of hiding to debut her new song “Sweat” feat. 2chainz.
This one is from her new album, “One Woman Army“.

I like a good comeback story,
so let’s see if this one makes the rotation on “foXXX6969” radio station…


yeah, so…

Are you liking Ciara’s comeback track?

7 thoughts on “Ciara is Intent On Booking That Stage!

  1. Yall know damn well I was being crazy lol, just going with todays media that make all these no talent instant wannabee girls major stars when great singers who have paid their dues get none of the shine, I put her, Rihanna and shitload of others who I dont even know in the same no singing boat, but hey they all look good.

  2. i like it as for the Icon maybe he’s a fan so shes an Icon in his eyes

  3. Icon?! Ciara an ICON?! Really? Someone need to put the crack pipe down! But if her comeback era is strong enough maybe she can reach icon status. The “great dancer with talking to a beat” category has been unfulfilled for quite some time now.

  4. Yes finally some good news, the return of the icon known as Ciara. Now this is talent America. Ciara is America’s gift to the rest of the world. I will name my first born after her. All the Ciara stans STAND UP for our Queen. Let me see you one two step. I smell a million seller Ci-Ci…….

    1. Ciara has not earn the right to be an icon. Whitney was an icon. Janet Jackson is an icon. Ciara is still earning her right in the game. I love my Cici but lets not give titles to people do not deserve them.

      The song is cute. Waiting to see what she will do different on this album.

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