So I Listened To “Trigga” And…

trey-songz-trigga-coverso one of my fav f-bi sent me trey’s new album,
you know i have a soft spot for trey.
you can take that how you want.
well after listening to it while taking a hot bath last night,
i just have to say…

…that i kinda liked it.
i said it.
and there is my big BUT
it doesn’t come without it’s faults.

so the theme of trey’s era this go round is:


its like every song is about being a “side nigga pineapple“.
being the object of satisfaction for someone else’s girl.
not that its a bad thing as it fits in with his brand.
listening to the album,
he doesn’t really have much to talk about.
just how his pipe game is “great” and how all his hoes are “satisfied”.
like we’ve heard this couple albums now.
the production is pretty flawless however.
that is one thing i will say about a trey songz album.
the single choices for this album are blah,
but once you listen to the album as a whole,
they actually sound really good in ya ear/speakers.
so if you’re looking for an album for the summer,
“trigga” is pretty much for you.

repeats: cake, disrespectful, all we do, y.a.s

“trigga” is released legally tuesday.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “So I Listened To “Trigga” And…”

  1. Yea, the fours songs I said I liked the other day are the only ones I like, which isn’t bad. It is better than his last album for sure.

  2. i have yet to fuck to music lol i always wanted to get it in to Ciara’s “Run It” off her Basic Instinct album…i LOVED that song it always put me in the mood for some reason lol…let me stop popcorn could put my horny ass in the mood

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