Climb The Walls

tumblr_mufa99vONS1ruyxtoo1_500…in more ways than one.
i’d like to climb him.
“ratchet jamari” said so.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Climb The Walls”

    1. How come some black American men like to smell booties? I think it hot cause I do meet some guy mostly black who always want to sniff and sit on their faces, but why?

      1. I don’t know. We’re just freaks like that I guess. I’m all for a dude sitting on my face but nothing about an armpit turns me on in the least. In fact, I thought the armpit thing was something only White men did until recently. Pits can turn me on but I don’t wanna lick them. That’s so backwards. I wanna lick booty where shit comes out, but I’m weary of armpits. lol

      2. Oh shit you’re right armpits is definitely a white guy thing! I prefer the clean butt sniffing over an onion pit. But black american men are freaky when it come to ass, but I like it tho it’s hot.

      3. Remember that episode of Family Guy where Brain sniffed that dogs ass? That’s me. Put my nose all up in there. Sniffin is risky tho. You never know what you might smell. It could smell like blueberry muffins or pure shit. It’s hard for wolves out here in these streets lol.

      4. Blueberry muffin really? Lol that’s a good one I like that. It is risky, but a risk worth taking apparently.

      5. I remember that episode. I don’t think I’d try to do something in public because you never know whose watching you. I watched this little boy stare at this random woman for like 3 quarters of a basketball game. I was the only one who noticed. That’s the only thing someone would catch me doing is staring. I tried to masturbate in class when I was in the 8th grade but I stopped because the table was shaking and I think the girl sitting next to me noticed.

        lol I think the worst type of ass to smell are the ones you’re not even trying to sniff. How yo ass have it’s own atmosphere of funk. The type of stank ass to make a dog stick it’s nose in the grass.

        The best is a freshly washed straight out of the shower booty. Clean with the smell of soap still lingering.

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