So I Listened To “Trigga” And…

trey-songz-trigga-coverso one of my fav f-bi sent me trey’s new album,
you know i have a soft spot for trey.
you can take that how you want.
well after listening to it while taking a hot bath last night,
i just have to say…
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Is Trey Songz Crossing Over To “New Black” Territory?

i can’t.
so trey appeared on larry king now,
which shocked the hell out of me honestly,
to talk about a bunch of shit.
he has a new album coming out so he is making his rounds.
aaah promotion!
that explains the following.
anyway larry asked trey about working with justin bieber on his new album.
he also asked him about what he thought about the “run-nigga-nigga-nigga” scandal.
you know,
the one all the new black folks seem to be defending justin bieber about.
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