Is Trey Songz Crossing Over To “New Black” Territory?

i can’t.
so trey appeared on larry king now,
which shocked the hell out of me honestly,
to talk about a bunch of shit.
he has a new album coming out so he is making his rounds.
aaah promotion!
that explains the following.
anyway larry asked trey about working with justin bieber on his new album.
he also asked him about what he thought about the “run-nigga-nigga-nigga” scandal.
you know,
the one all the new black folks seem to be defending justin bieber about.

ok i get it now.
i see why they are asking trey about justin.
he is trying to achieve that “cross over”.
he finally sees the old hoes like to illegally download him.
got it.
trey also wants you to know its hard out here for a sex symbol:

tumblr_mse5uiICoH1swmdf5o1_250awww papito!
ya know i’m sure it is hard for you right now.
listen i like trey,
and you know i do,
but lets be real.
he is starting to see his “one trick pony” act is slowly coming to an end.
when i think about trey songz,
i think:


don’t act like you don’t.
sure i eat it up because i like most of his songz,
and i own pretty much all his albums,
but trey has always been the musical “friend with benefits” to me.
i put his music on when i want to get fucked.
its the prelude as i’m preparing for pipe.
r kelly is he not.
“i believe i can fly” he has not.
well he could be if he sung about life,
hell maybe even a dragon..
i dunno.
all i know is r&b is on life support and he needs a new shtick.
this “thugged out r&b rapper / i fuckz all ya bitchez kid” thing is getting tired.
do you think he will move units in 2 weeks?
i feel like he won’t.

see more videos from trey on larry king now: youtube

 “trigga” comes out july 1st

listen to other tracks from “trigga”: HERE | VIDEOS

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Is Trey Songz Crossing Over To “New Black” Territory?”

  1. You said it! R&B…hell ALL music is on life support!!
    No originality, and none of these artist have talent. Sure, they may look alright (only a handful are phyne) but many can’t sing…and your looks will only take you so far before people realize there is no real talent behind the pretty face. LOL

    1. ^everyone needs to understand i will not lie to you.
      im not gonna be one of the brain dead fans who “YES” everything.
      if i like you,
      i will critique you to do better.
      i know trey can do better.
      he is coming off like a lazy artist right now.

  2. Well, this isn’t his first time trying to crossover. He tried with a shitty ass song that sounded nothing like himself a few years ago. I can’t remember the name of it, that’s how unforgettable it is. I still remember back when Trey was himself and then Chris Brown beat Rihanna up, and hoes were looking for some new R&B pipe to jump on. I’m the only one that noticed Trey became popular when Chris ruined his image, tho Chris has ruined his image, repaired it somewhat, ruined it again, then repaired it again, and ruined it once more. Trey should be taking advantage of this. Instead he looks for a word to make sexual innuendo out of.

    About him defending Justin. I’m sure you noticed the media loves to get a (insert ethnicity of topic) person to defend the racism that is happening now and days. A few years back when they were going at the Mexicans in Arizona, I noticed they had brought a Mexican family on TV because they had one family member that disagreed with the rest and said they need to go back to Mexico. That’s typical media bull-shit. I’m sure there were Black people on CNN who said George Zimmerman was innocent and Trayvon was a thug. That’s how America works now and days. Instead of fixing the problem, we’d rather argue and argue until it gets as bad as it can get.

  3. I guess it okay to call the new blacks, niggers and monkeys since they like to defend racism so much like someone we know named Uncle Ruckus. The Boondocks got it right to the T.

  4. I miss how his music used to be when he first hit the scene, but his last album was him regressing as an artist. This upcoming album of his looks to be better. His team was responsible for turning him into a sex symbol. He is a gimmick. The man has sex appeal regardless, but his team pushes him to the limit. When I first saw him, it was an instant sexual attraction I can’t front. The man is beautiful. He has a nice eyes, pretty smile, and a banging body, especially that ass, which is too damn perfect.

  5. Poor Trey, I heard him on the radio Friday in my city pushing this album hard. He seems like he has a one dimensional personality and plays up to his sex symbol image. I just don’t see artist with him, no type of growth what so ever, but he is just going the formulaic route that the Chris Brown’s and Usher do as well, all their music seemed to be real gimmicky, good for a few moments but nothing classic or memorable. When the looks fade and the next cute face comes along he is going be an afterthought. He does not have the vocal chops to be a true R&B legend-somewhere in musical heaven, Marvin, Michael, Luther, Isaac, and so many other true soulful vocalist who are no longer with us are laughing at what constitutes male R&B singers these days.

  6. It is truly hard out here in the world of male r&b. Let’s face it the days of Luther,Teddy,Al, and Barry are over. No longer can these guys take the stage in a suit and command an audience.R&B consumers don’t really care about musicality anymore. They want an Image. You have to sell sex as a male artist to move units. The problem with that is that you do get older and can’t lean on that forever which is the beginning of your decline. D’angelo is the perfect example, he sold out, became a sex symbol and now can’t get anyone to take him serious as a talented artist anymore. Trey better get involved in some sort of scandal,or sextape because I don’t think he’ll be able to milk this cow much longer

    1. Right, his well is about to run dry, and sadly he did not develop as an artist. Trey is almost 30 and he has stalled out. His last album did not do well. R Kelly was in his mid 30’s and was still producing platinum selling albums. R Kelly had a gangsta and gentleman like image despite his legal troubles. He had two sides, and his real life matched his music from he start. When I listened to his old songs and videos, he was the same then as he was years later. Trey’s music is sketchy, and it doesn’t match who he is.

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