“Flats” Are The New Black

JORDANSso today is the first day of summer.
in the warm weather,
we are use to wearing kicks with our outfits.
i know i’m a sucker for a fresh pair of jordans.
the price tho?
no bueno.
not everyone can drop over 200 for some sneakers.
ones that mj himself don’t even wear.
ones that you could get your shit rocked for.
if you are a true “fox swagger”,
you know you should be open to wearing anything.
well how about flats?
hear me out before you scrunch up your face.
now the hipsters and blipsters were on these flats,
but i started rockin em heavy as well…

5a935af51afe82d9c64ace437ae61682they’re called “espadrilles” aka “flats” aka “slip ons”.
this is now the era of looking “laid back and effortless” when it comes to style.
now they may look like they may fall apart,
but trust they are sturdy on your feet.
ive personally been rockin’ toms on these hot new yawk days:

now i know you are asking how could you rock them?
well they pretty much go with everything:

jogging pants especially.
make sure your fit is fitted when you rock them.
they give a very “beach bum/hipsterish” kind of feel to any outfit.
ive even been wearing them to work in a very “business casual” kind of way.
sometimes i don’t want to wear dress up.
next to being comfortable as hell,
they are actually not expensive at all.
they can range from 48 to 68 dollars depending on design.
plus with every toms shoe you buy,
they donate to their ( x “one for one” ) charity.
just make sure you wear them without socks and you good to go.
also cream ya feetz so they don’t look ashy.
i would hate to talk about you.

to check the various styles: TOMS | SOLUDOS

pictures found: fashioncadet | chictopia | work it berk

x see various outfits with toms

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on ““Flats” Are The New Black”

  1. Never heard of those but I’ll definitely start rockin em because these are right up my alley. I don’t like dressing flashy or wearing flashy footwear. I just like to be comfortable.

    No socks tho… I can’t do that. I’m the type of dude that wears socks with sandals. Now that I think about it, I haven’t worn sandals in years.

    I’m gonna bookmark this entry so I don’t forget.

  2. That’s nice for foxes and metrosexuals, but I’m a country thug from the south with a size 13 foot. I’d just look like runaway slave lol.

    I’ll stick to Jays #thuglyfe haha

  3. The shoes are ok but I like that when I buy a pair one is given to the needy pay it forward just by being fresh to death, love peace, and respect for all.

    1. ^I’m with Lindo!! These shoes do not appeal to me AT ALL!
      I see them on the feet of many guys lately…buy I don’t like them.

  4. I gotta agree with Jay on this one, I also have a big wide 13 feet and I would not be caught dead in these, nor would I ever leave the house with flip flops or sandals, the few times I have worn sandals in public I felt awkward. I have a friend who is a skinny little fox loves these and I guess they fit him but give me my Addias or Nike High Tops and Im good or my Timbs in Winter, I got a str8 man mentality when it comes to most of my fashion sense, meaning I dont change with the times. I do like tight fitting shirts now that I have chest and arms but that is about daring as I will do, no skinny leg jeans for me and Im seeing this summer a lot of dudes wearing colored jeans rolled up-oh hell naw! A fitted, tank, cargo shorts, and white high top Addias and Im ready for summer.

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