So Jeremy Meeks Is Now A High Fashion Model?

tumblr_n7kfd9oG0w1s7wmlmo1_1280his wife is pissed.
his family is confused.
his mother is equally as ratchet.
is kinda not with it.
he even has fan pages on tumblr dedicated to him.
the world has gone mad for jeremy meeks.
they even have him as a high fashion model

he does has the “look”.
people are really creating this fairy tale in their heads about this jackal tho.
that somehow he was destined to be this model.
that he took the wrong path.
he is “misunderstood”.
he is really a “good wolf to take home to mom”.
i say:giphydon’t even get me started on the alleged pipe pics.


wow.this whole thing has made me realize just how desperate people are.
that if you are racially ambiguous with light eyes,
no matter the crime,
you will get an instant hall pass.
hell hall monitor.
in his case,
a “get out of jail free” card.
i mean i won’t lie to you…
sure if he hit me up on some chat site,
i would invite him to a hotel.
he and his criminal ways ain’t coming up in my crib.
sure i would ride his mouth and his covered dick at the same time.
sure i would look into his blue eyes as i moan to jesus.
afterwards i’d politely thank him for the sex and KIM.
good foxes like a bad wolf ever so often.
i already know he is the thug you fuck.
he is not the one you marry.
hell does he even have money?
LEGAL money?
Megan-Fox-on-the-phone-with-necklace-GIFlike that’s the key factor here.
vixens already out here saving their ovaries for him.
yet when he shows them who he really is,
which is a jailbird who probably ain’t worth shit,
they’ll be the first to want to expose him.
out here acting like the victim,
crying in court,
after the house gets raided..

“i didn’t know he would put guns under the mattress!
omg help!
i’m a good person!
i didn’t do anything wrong!” says “the idiot”.

uh huh.
“shut the fuck up” says i.
welp this is a “jeremy meeks world” now…

…and we just shake our heads in it.

lowkey: why does it look like he would steal your soul?
his eyes look scary.
since we talking jailbirds:

tumblr_n7i9h0ku6s1smx38zo1_1280…this one is kinda “crutes”.
not getting canteen money.
but he “crutes”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “So Jeremy Meeks Is Now A High Fashion Model?”

  1. I’ve over it already…

    That fact that this isn’t old news yet shows that womankind has a long way to go.

    His piece wasn’t bad though…

    1. ^yeah that dick pic is about to extend another 15 on his clock.
      *hears clock rewinding backwards*
      i wonder what the other jailbirds in his section think?

    2. Who says that’s his piece tho? You know some woman leaked a fake pic lol. Anything to keep attention on this dude.

  2. The only thing he will be modeling is an orange jumpsuit. Seems like that’s his favorite outfit. He does have a handsome face, and I’d like to see him turn his life around, but he has to want it for himself.

  3. Has anyone ever been locked up or visited a prison or jail before? With all the minorities locked up there are TONS of good looking jail birds with bodies you can’t even imagine because they don’t have shit else to do in a cell but tons of push ups.

    Still wouldn’t mess with one. They just have this mentality they can rarely get rid of.

  4. Tisk, tisk, tisk. More Negroes going “ga-ga” over people who look more like the slavemaster with light skin and light eyes. These Negroes think that every mulatto or mixed person is almost by definition “model material”–like this guy. But ain’t that cooning?

    1. Most people do think he is model material. I do as well, not because of his eyes like most.
      That jaw line is a nice feature, it is what agencies want, and we all can agree on that. Men of all skin tones can have that bone structure too. Black models such as Broderick Hunter, Taejahn Taylor have the same structures. If Jeremy changes his life, he might have a real chance. When a person changes their life, I can’t judge them too much unless it involves them being in a relationship with me, but in general as long as they are putting up the effort they are fine until they mess up.This dude is not my type, but I have to give credit where it is due on this one man.

      1. No, I don’t hate mulattos. I have relatives that are mulatto. But as a black person, I hate the racism that puts mulattos or mixed people on a “pedestal” –a level higher than black people–in looks, intelligence, etc. because they (the mulatto or the mixed persons) looks or are less black or more white or more non-black than black people.

        I hate racism and the self-hating, anti-black racism perpetuated by many black people is sickening and almost ever present.

        So, I don’t hate mulattos. I don’t hate white people. I don’t hate people. I don’t hate any race, ethnicity, nationality or color of people. What I do hate is racism in all its forms and permutations.

        Thanks for asking.

    2. ^well I think he is a shock because of his features.
      He looks “different” and not the typical jailbird.
      Plus it seems the snow bunnies are hyping him up.
      I could be wrong tho…

      1. You said the truth Jamari. It’s always pinned upon black people when I’ve seen a lot of other races making him more relevant.

  5. Ok. I said it before and I’m saying it again…that mugshot pic that has the world goin’ mad right now, is the best pic of him. The others…he doesn’t look as good.
    The other mugshot in this posting…he looks better to me! A cutie for realz! LOL

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