When Oprah Gives A Speech (We Listen)

one of my biggest dreams is to meet auntie o.
oprah winfrey for those who don’t know.
it’s on my bucket list.
true story:o magazine” use to come into my last job.
this one particular vixen always came to look for me.

it never failed i told her how much i admire/want to meet oprah.
she even gave me a special edition “o” mag before it came out.
i still have and cherish it.

i still have her number/email.
i gotta update her on what’s happening with me.
i wanted to share oprah’s speech at the ’18 golden globes last night.
she received the cecil b. de mille award and this is what she said…


oprah said it and it’s pretty much law.
she had them all super charged last night.
i will admit that it made me tear up.
she speaks with such conviction.
jamari fox will meet oprah.
it’s sealed by the universe and i’m waiting for it to be delivered.

lowkey: according to sources,
oprah is thinking of running for office.
i don’t want that.
i want her to stay how she is and doing what she does.

*rip recy taylor

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “When Oprah Gives A Speech (We Listen)”

  1. Great speech. I would vote for her over Trump, but in general I don’t want another president to be a celebrity. This shouldn’t be a popularity contest. That’s why I side eye people wanting The Rock to run, and him wanting to run. Being the president is so much more than having instagram followers, and being nice to fans.

  2. Lord The Rock looked soo good in that suit.

    Oprah has said she isnt running for president. But that was many years ago.

    1. D112…he (The Rock) annoys the hell outta me, but when he wears tight clothes that accentuate that body of his, I get a woodie.

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