white, black, and some of us are grey all over

i believe there are3 types of folks in the forests.


white being they are relatively good people.
they follow the rules and others have good things to say about them.
fighting and drama is just not on their “to-do” list.
they legit mind their business and don’t bother anyone.
i feel like those types are few and far between.

black are the jackals and hyenas.
these people lie,
and kill proudly like it’s second nature to them.
their trauma wasn’t healed and their behavior was left unchecked.
they thrive on burning bridges and destroying everyone in their paths.
it’s easier to be black because it takes no effort to do wrong.

the rest of us reside in the grey area

The Grey Area is that unexplainable place between the polar opposites.

as you know,
grey comes in many various shades.
it’s the place of contradictions and head-scratching decisions.
it can be “what a dumb bitch” to “what a good person“.

It’s like serial killers having whole families they love and care for.
It’s like celebs who have conflicting stories from people who meet them.
It’s like a wolf who loves and provides but still cheats on us.
It’s like a gay male who is out but still likes dealing with DL males.
It’s like a trans vixen who marches for trans rights but is a bully.
It’s like a celeb who was “Mr. Perfect” but slapped the taste out of another celeb at an award show.

we are complex creatures.
we don’t always do the right things.
we have all done good and shameful shit that we could be all judged for.
once you learn this about even ourselves,
i think thats is the path to freedom.

Some shit is just grey.

the more we try to be “perfect” within the grey area,
the more we are lying to ourselves and others.

lowkey: i like to think i’m the lighter of grey.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “white, black, and some of us are grey all over”

  1. Can we switch it from ‘BLACK ” being good and “WHITE” being bad?

    I know where your heart is and you did not mean to offend, but the the article’s labels are powerful and prohibits the meaning dear friend.

    ( This is from a place of mad love for you Jamari)

  2. Can we make “Black” good?? I know your heart and you are trying to make a point , however I couldn’t get pass the “Black being bad”

  3. What is going on with this “Black is good/White is bad” replies in the comments? Jamari CLEARLY isn’t attributing the color Black to human skin or culture — so why the triggered responses? Am I missing something (and if so, please reply respectfully and save the shade for another).

  4. I haven’t specifically studied pre-1619 attitudes on shades of brown or color perceptions in African culture. I do not know what our ancestors thought on the subject. I intend to educate myself. I implore you gentleman to do so, if you haven’t already done it.
    I am a dark brown person who isn’t offended by the comparison spectrum. Jamari fox 🦊 isn’t shook by what we think. Cheerio fox 🦊 hole.

  5. In addition, colorism was introduced by the enslaving rapists and then was and is perpetuated by some of us. I have an aha moment as to why some of my matrilineal and patrilineal relatives liked being called Colored, rather than Black. 🖤 Black is a color which speaks as a absolute, resisting any other shade if the African American palate. White is pretty much connotes the same. African American is what I prefer, and just being called a human being is even better.

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