The Breakfast Club Didn’t Cry At The Funeral of Nicki Minaj Either

so i been waiting to hear what my two top media talkers had to say about “shether”.

wendy williams
the breakfast club

i’m always interested in what charlamange has to say about shit.
we are cut from the same cloth of “tellin’ it like it is”.
the problem with radio hosts,
and even bloggers,
is we are put into a position to say our opinions on issues.
it may leave a lot of hurt feelings along the way.
well the breakfast club,
who has had a few run ins with nicki minaj in the past,
gave their review on the “shether” track and well…

i’m mad she texting and calling everyone fake.
you can tell this got her discombobulated.
either way:

i see no lies.
nicki minaj got bodied.
she got slaughtered on that 6 minute track.
once she accepts that,
stops blaming everybody else,
and shows us why she is this “queen of rap”,
then we will think otherwise.
the kardashains have numbers and sold big shit too.
we don’t necessarily respect them.
this is a story of “karma” and “when your receipts catch up to you”.
end of story.

lowkey: it says a lot when your peers don’t have your back.
i have seen more in support of remy than anything else.
i feel everyone wanted for this to happen.

7 thoughts on “The Breakfast Club Didn’t Cry At The Funeral of Nicki Minaj Either

  1. The shame is the distraction that all this is compared to the REAL challenges that we have as a people. A nation can rise no higher than its women – African Proverb

  2. If people really want to see Remy Ma make an impact, they’d stay out of it. No one likes to see a stacked team against one person. Meek, Lil Kim, and Safaree jumping on the bandwagon is NOT a good look and I hope Remy doesn’t pay them any attention.

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