if you’re black, you better be voting for joe biden, dammit!

so 4 more years of trump,
i’ve come to that conclusion because i don’t think joe biden is “all there”.
he had an interview on “the breakfast club” with charlamagne and said this…

“If you got a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or for Trump then you ain’t Black.”

you know he ended up having to apologize for that nonsense:

“I shouldn’t have been such a wise guy,” Mr. Biden said in a call with the U.S. Black Chambers. “I shouldn’t have been so cavalier.” He later said that he had not been expected to join the call, a possible sign of a hastily arranged appearance. I don’t take it for granted at all,” he said later Friday. “No one, no one, should have to vote for any party based on their race, their religion, their background. There are African-Americans who think that Trump was worth voting for. I don’t think so, I’m prepared to put my record against his. That was the bottom line and it was, it was really unfortunate.”

this goes to show how hard they pander hard to the black community.
it’s really telling how he would say that so easily.
i don’t know what is worst.
biden and that fuck or trump and his new MAGA merch:

of course donald’s team was on that fuck up from biden today:

it’s alarming the amount of black folks who are gonna vote for trump for another term.
one of my home vixens told me she knows a couple black vixens who turned.
Jesus needs to collect us because i-

article quote cc: ny times
pictures cc: trump’s lair

17 thoughts on “if you’re black, you better be voting for joe biden, dammit!

  1. Meh! This is a whatever to me. If you’re swayed by this comment then you were gone to vote against Biden in the first place. I’m not here for Trump bigoted ass yet some of you would be first whining when the federal courts are packed against our rights.

  2. I’m voting for Biden. Not because I like him but there is so much more at stake, especially federal judge appointments and the Supreme Court.

  3. The fact that some of y’all are literally talking about third party or not voting is exactly why we’re in the position we’re in now. It’s baffling the lack of intelligence some of you possess. Imagine living through four years of trump having not learnt your lesson the first time.

    1. No, the reason we’re in this position, is because dems proped up a god awful candidate, again. You would think y’all would have learned last election to stop blaming voters and instead hold the Democratic Party to a higher standard.

      1. Yes because African-American voters choosing someone they’re familiar with over a person who never once showed any interest in them or attempted to is “The Democratic Party” choosing candidates. You people are straight up weirdos who lack any semblance of a brain. There are no perfect candidates but to not care about judicial nominations, the continued disenfranchisement of black voters, the infringing upon basic human rights for people of color and women then I suggest you move to Saudi Arabia or Russia and get a head-start.

  4. Yet ANOTHER Presidential election where I’m not crazy about my choices, but with each passing day I fall more squarely in the “Trump gotta go” lane. Like others on here, EVERYBODY PLEASE VOTE AND TELL A FRIEND TO DO THE SAME. But, MORE importantly, also vote when it’s time for the offices OTHER THAN President!!!!! Perhaps one day the Democratic Party chiefs will get it right again when it comes to Presidential nominees…

  5. ALSO , THOSE DUMB A ## -HOUSE N-WORD Voting for Trump are nothing more than Russian and Right Wing Photoshoped Propoganda created to influence weak minds who dont think !!!

    They flooded Facebook , and the internet during the last election to help Trump win.Don’t fall for that fuckerey.

  6. Please , please VOTE!!!! Dont let the news media report Sway you

    Biden ( like each of us) is imperfect, but is Not a Rapist, Russian Traitor, Racist ,Empeached ,Caged Mexican Children, Be-littles Black Women, Dogs out Obama Homophobic Etc ….


    My perople ( African Americans /Blacks ) were killed, beaten and hanged trying to vote!

    Dont let them down.

    White republicans do not want you to vote !!!!!( Dont be a Fool and not vote)


  7. First off, we started with so many candidates in primary to only end up with Joe, ugh. Joe isn’t great, but at least he isnt Trump. People can be critical of joe but they need to be consistent and be critical of trump.

    Ps. For those that love trump, have you seen any change or benefit (tangible) to voting for him in 2016?

  8. Biden is definitely the lesser of two evils, I been peeped. It’s the same situation like back when Hillary Clinton ran against Trump. At this point I’m willing to vote for anyone against Trump. Omarosa could be running in the election and she’d get my vote.

  9. Yeah, I’m not voting…as neither Biden or Trump’ respective track records represent my values or interests. If I do change my mind, I’m voting for a third party candidate that aligns with my values/beliefs. Shame Jill Stein isn’t running…

  10. I really feels ge wasn’t the best choice America got it wrong yet again maybe his VP will be a a better choice trump bitch ass will win look out

  11. All the hoteps will be voting for Trump in 2020! Idc what kind of gaf Joe has he has my vote! So all you New aged enlightened Black social media activists With the “Democrats have to earn the black vote” movement can kiss my ass!!

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