khloe kardashian loves the photo shopped skin she’s in!

body dysmorphic disorder.
it’s when you see every little flaw and think that’s what people see.
it’s why the attentionistos work out so hard and still think they’re fat.
social media doesn’t help because we are bombarded with “perfect” images all day.
everyone glows,
takes the best selfie,
and is living this luxurious life.
so we try to tweak,
and face tune so we can join the ranks of “ig baddie”.
i’ve learned that 95% of people on social media suffer from body dysmorphic disorder.
khloe kardashian strikes me a perfect example.
who is this?…


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look at kris jenner in her comments:

you should see the rest as you swipe.
at first,
i liked khloe because she was so rebellious against that family.
it seems she always just wanted to fit in.
i mean,
this is what she looked like as a kid compared to them:

so i can imagine watching kim be the favorite would fuck with you.

Ima need her to simmer down on the picture plastic surgery tho

folks need to realize you can’t hide from the public forever.
nothing worst than meeting someone and they look nothing like their pictures.

Is this why a few of the attentionistos started getting alleged nose jobs?


low-key: if you gonna edit yourself,
focus on pimples and discoloration.
worst comes to worst,
you can wear a concealer to hide anything.
filters are whatever unless you start looking white af.
always have a light hand in facetune.
angles can show different sides of your face so that’s whatever.
lighting is usually what makes a great picture.


7 thoughts on “khloe kardashian loves the photo shopped skin she’s in!

  1. I don’t get the hype with any of them, even Kim. The fact that people made them the most popular figures of our generation is beyond me. There are Literally tons of (naturally) beautiful AND talented women of color, who are much more interesting than these chicks, that doesn’t get the time of day from the media. Since when have off-brand black women been the wave? There are signs of life on Mars, hopefully NASA will give a select few of us the golden ticket cus I’m ready to get the ____ ASAP.

  2. ……….I don’t know this woman.

    True doesn’t know this woman.

    Khloe doesn’t know this woman.

    this is a whole witness protection program new face.

    This is the Lifetime tv adaptation, budget actress face.

    Harpo, who this woman?

  3. I love how Kim is swinging the purse literally less than six feet away and still manages to miss with each swing. Khloe misses too! Guess that’s how their lives are with boyfriends.

  4. Dear J,

    No! No! No! It was fun and all until you decided to come for Khloe. Leave Koko ALONE! She’s come a long way. She is beautiful and caring. Who cares if her ass doesn’t match her legs (pun intended)😂😉😁…Just leave our girl alone. We are taking all the smoke.




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