if the crazy man wants his nudes deleted, then dammit, delete them!

i know the sex is usually out of this world,
but you gotta be careful with entertaining super (maybe dl) hood wolves.
the ones who been to jail and have no fucks to give.
i know that it can be hard to meet another male out here,
but the writing is usually on the wall
…or the face.
so everyone say goodbye to terence brown.
he didn’t have a good judge of character over the dl hood hyena,
benjiman austin paige.
he lost his life over via “the daily mail“…

A ‘violent thug’ with a machine gun tattooed on his forehead has been arrested on suspicion of murder, after allegedly shooting dead his male lover in a row over sex photos. 

Deputies responding to a 911 call on the 3000 block of 25th Street Southwest in Lehigh Acres, Florida, discovered the victim’s body laying in his front yard with multiple gunshot wounds.

Officers have since arrested Benjamin Austin Paige, 22, on suspicion of second-degree murder. 

The victim has been named by family members as Terence Brown, local media Winknews said. 

During a press briefing on Wednesday, Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno described Paige as a ‘violent thug’ and ex-convict

Paige had been allegedly communicating with Brown through social media for around a week and the pair were ‘sexually involved’, Marceno said. 

It is claimed Paige ‘became angry over the victim’s refusal to delete sexually explicit images between the two’.

The gunshots were allegedly fired when Brown went to leave his home to meet an acquaintance.

if he wanted the nudes deleted then that definitely shoulda been a no-brainer.
he shoulda given him the phone so he could have done it himself.
this hyena was crazy and probably realized he was fuckin another male.
we’ll probably never know.

not everyone with a whole art project on their face is always the killer tho.
sometimes the most put together males will kill you for their secrets.
even if the secret is as small as you outing him to his husband.

Some males are un-stable when it comes to the secrets they keep

stop thinking you’re billy bad ass out here.
they will dick you down or throw ass,
but the moment you start playing “i will expose you“,
he will do anything to shut your ass up.
start being a better judge pf character with other males and yourself.
it’s sad terence ended up losing his life.
rip to him.

article cc: the daily mail

18 thoughts on “if the crazy man wants his nudes deleted, then dammit, delete them!

  1. There so much to uncover here.
    I’m sorry that the young man lost his life. But we have to keep shit 100%.
    this type acts that that young displaced is going keep happening to them, if they don’t stop fulling those type of stuns.
    before you start attacking me, no I am not saying the white boy was right to kill the young.

  2. “not everyone with a whole art project on their face is always the killer tho.”

    You tried it, Jamari. You know what teardrops are for, right?

  3. That man would have killed him anyway. He wasnt threatened to be exposed his insecure ass just killed Terrance would out him. That could be anyone of us in here whether we delete pics or not. I’ve been stalked by guys after I’ve cut them off because they were afraid I’d expose them even when I didn’t have pics in my possession. Dont rationalize Crazy behavior because crazy knows no end nor does Evil.

  4. Really unfortunate. Rest In Peace to the young man who lost his life. A waste all around. The guy ended killing him for no reason because the very thing he tried to conceal came out anyway! See how crazy that sounds. Only an idiot would think killing someone would be a reasonable way to keep a secret. Especially a secret like this one.

    Honestly I think gay men should take this as a lesson, I know I do. Leave these crazy niggas alone and stop recording every damn thing

  5. So sad to see stories like this. May he rest in piece. Stuff like this makes me grateful that I always follow my “crazy sense”. One bad VIBE and it’s a no for me. I’m out.

  6. His face and race says it all nothing else to be said I mean roses and ring was never gonna happen and he ugly

  7. SMFH..THIS generation fucking leaves me baffled at time- the love of social sex, the need to film everything, the incessant need to obtain likes at all cost- they all live such empty, barren lives.

    So his so called ‘boyfriend’ wants his photo down but it seems that the internet has a right to see his dick and the lover says no. Result- the lover is killed.

    Am I surprised- NOOOOO. The world is changing to a globe of fake people, living fake lives, getting pleasure from fake likes. This generation has no soul. I wouldn’t even regard them as humans.

      1. That lil handsome black boy was interested in that methed out art project of a white man??? HE LOOKS UNSTABLE. Wtf is goin on???

  8. Why in HELL would you post sex pictures of yourself, let alone sex pictures of yourself and an obviously CRAZY person?

  9. I know him. It’s so insane that this happened to him. But you’re absolutely right. He should’ve done the common sense thing and deleted the pics. That mans screams batshit. But he was a spitfire and couldn’t be controlled. Rest In Peace bby boy ❤️

    1. ^i’m sorry for friend lost his life.
      do you know why he even spoke to him?
      what was so intriguing that made him go in that direction?
      your friend seemed very put together,
      but i guess we can’t help who we’re attracted to.

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