ya’ll want yo moneyoback from steveoback (onlyfans)

i appreciate previews.
they allow me to know what i’m getting into.
some of these onlyfans need previews tbh.
steven johnson,
aka steveoback,
just launched an onlyfans that everyone was excited about.

an ig user by the name of @juandomiingguezz signed up for steven’s onlyfans.
he was thoroughly disappointed and hit us up with a preview.

so like the others:

Made for IG Bonus Content

i wasn’t shocked that steven wouldn’t post anything too explicit.
he has three daughters and i’m sure he doesn’t want to be out here too crazy.
i’d love to see a vixen squeeze on those cheeks of his,
but i’ll have to imagine it in my fantasies.

low-key: i’d appreciate more folks to do screen recordings on onlyfans.
it will help us not spend our money stupidly.

23 thoughts on “ya’ll want yo moneyoback from steveoback (onlyfans)

  1. Why anyone would spend their hard on cash on onlyfan jumpoffs in the first place is beyond me. I literally will never understand.

  2. “Fantasy fulfilling material.”
    At this point it’s an obsession.
    There are too many gay men doing it for free up and down my timeline and paid for gays to still make us look so desperate.

    On one hand we say “Why do ugly straight guys think we want them?” but then we lose all sense for some abs and half-baked pigment?

    Straight men don’t respect you and are making bank off of you. Bank you could be investing into a Black owned studio to make what you want to see. Instead of calling everything Black low budget, how about you put your coins when your cream is?

  3. Some people are so impatient. Some of these people need time to warm up before showing anything. In his first day of posting people were mad because they didn’t see his dick.

    For example on King Agu page, when he first signed up he took his time posting regular pics and eventually started posting nude pics and videos.

  4. The reason why they don’t have a problem making these OF cause they know some desperate fag is gonna pay for it!

  5. If I’m paying. I need skin. Marshall Monster Dick Price does the same thing over and over, but he posts actual nudes and pics of his large member. This people tripping if they think I’m paying for print.

  6. He’s not even cute ,or that well built. His features are off. Its like that Head should be on a Little person????

  7. Yawn yawn 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴💤💤💤💤😴😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤💤😴😴

    On to the next. These niggas aren’t special. They all offering the same thing. Next!

  8. Smh I really don’t understand why people are paying for anything when Pornhub exists. Legit can see men with better pics, better flicks and better dicks for FREE. Lost city over here 😕

    1. Its the same guys over and over on Pornhub alot of people just want something new.

  9. They know the LGBT are looking for it and will scam to make money off lgbt. They know gay men want to see the dick and ass and they give the illusion that they will show something and don’t and pocket the money

  10. Kingnate is kinda on the same boat as Stevobeck and at least he is providing dick, for a fee tho and ppl over lpsg got all the tea on him! Checkout the post “Urban Celebrities/Athletes” and it’s around the pages of 600 ish or so.

    1. “First rule of Fight Club, WE DO NOT NOT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB” 🤫🤫🤫

  11. Cant say I’m shocked or disappointed. The same pics are on his IG only censored. I would say we could give him time to ACTUALLY post something worth seeing but ain’t nobody got time for that. I’ll wait to see what gets leaked IF it gets leaked. #MovingRightAlong #LiterallyNothingToSeeHere

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