lana del rey decided to go swimming with the alligators

lana del rey was a visual orgasm when she first came out.
the second time with “born to die“.
her visuals for that album era was everything.
the performances was left to be desired,
but she gave me life the way her music made me feel.
these days,
her music has gone left since her debut.
i’m not as hyped about her as i use to be.
when i saw that lana is trending today,
i thought it might have been a new single.
it was this ig post

those alligators represent each one of those vixen ‘s stan bases she called out.
i like lana,
but ^this really ain’t it.

Starting off the letter with “for the culture” rubbed me the wrong way.

Calling out those “most black” singers and rappers made my skin crawl.

Promoting a poetry book after that rant made me vomit.

it reeked of “karen” entitlement and low-key jealousy.
lana has a lane she does pretty well in.
those other vixens do the same.
they get criticized for their shit as much as lana does for her past lyrics.
there is enough room at the table for everyone to eat.
that rant read like someone who is “on the way out” and feeling upset about it.
as much as i fucks with her,
she deserves the dragging she is getting tbh.
in this climate of racism and “privilege“,
this is not the time for anyone white to ranting and raving about feeling left out,
even though their skin colors has rewarded them success even if they’re mediocre.
i know the quarantine has folks bored,
but don’t ruin your career because of it.

screen shots via: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “lana del rey decided to go swimming with the alligators”

  1. Her album was #3. She longs for the days of Susie Homemaker.
    Whenever a White woman loves Starbucks and talks about how she should’ve been born in the 50’s, I know she’s a KKKaren.
    The only time period Black people want to exist in…is the future. Not even ancient times as we had a brief moment then eons of suffering that still continues.

  2. So…Lana was messy and not as articulate in point as she meant, but her point remains. Their is an expectation for woman in music. If you fit that expectation you will be rewarded for it. “Strong and overtly sexy” is what woman in music are expected to do (even if they get criticized for it)

    Lana fits that’s expectation sometimes and often she doesn’t. She has been mocked and criticized for her sad music for years. She is airing out her frustrations. She is also probably a little bitter that she paved the way for the Billie ellish’s of the world and they get the praise and she doesn’t.

  3. She’s a clown and exposed herself. Miley has literally been coochie out for music promo and she named….oh women of color (and one spray on poc). No matter how many roles white woman acquire their favorite will always be “victim.”

    Sidebar: Way to unite all the stanbases. They’re going to destroy her.

    1. Oh shit! I just realized that all the women she called out were women of color…

  4. There are 2 ways to look at this:
    1) Freedom of speech means we all can give our opionions to a Free Press!!!

    2) Fans get to see what their ” Favorite Celebrity ” is REALLY ABOUT!!!

    So lets all exercise our” Freedom of Speech” and—- keep your dollars in our pokets—- and use our Tweets etc to show them how we feel.I’m glad she said it . Gone are the days where the record company could control what these Public Personalities were really thinking about the “Culture”

    We were throwing dollars at Homophobic Rappers ,Racist ,Rapist ( R- Kelly) etc..

    So lets give a whole hearted Thanks to Lana for letting us all know who she really is ( smile)

    1. ^^^I love the way you think.

      I’m going to be that guy.
      In addition to what you just said, I’m going to add that not every woman wants to be “strong and independent” whatever that bullshit means. If she wants to be submissive, that’s her prerogative. She’s free to say and feel what the fuck she wants to say.

      1. Well stated NewBeginnings . Thank you for enriching the conversation ( smile)

  5. Never really paid attention to her so she can stay in the attic. Although I guess after this fiasco she’ll be returning there indefinitely and most likely permanently. Y’know I was just telling my friends the other day, it’s so funny how the quarantine is revealing more and more about these celebrities as opposed to back when the public was open. You would think that with the country shut down their lives would be more private than before, but alas πŸ˜” Very ironic when you think about it.

    1. LMFAOOOOOO. Nah I’m DEAD. They really thought this song was fire too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. “Child of Destiny, independent beauty, noone else can scare me.”
      Imagine if they’d done a 20 year anniversary reprise instead of this drivel.

  6. Her last appearance was on “Don’t Call Me Angel” where she was clad in lingerie in the music video with those other two sexpots Miley and Ariana. FOH with this faux outrage and attention grab for a book.

  7. Talk about waking the dead!! Where the hell has she been, and is this how she’s making her return !

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