The New Type of “Straight” Wolf

tumblr_n8dcqe63to1qhs2cbo1_500there is a new type of wolf these days.
with this new social media generation also came new rules.
maybe everyone has noticed.
maybe they haven’t.
so i will shine the light on this particular wolf.
one that i gave me my “a-ha” moment today…

so you usually see this type of wolf on instagram.
he usually is fine.
he “fahhhnnnn”.
he is your fantasy.
he is my fantasy.
his page might be private,
or it might not,
but his followers list tells another story.
because of this,
he probably has a couple thousand who kinda care about his life.
so this particular wolf is now a performer.
he needs to take a picture of everything.
usually he is shirtless.
sometimes pants-less.

did i mention that he is also “straight”?
don’t forget that!
his page acts like the new “playgirl” or some “peek a boo” web cam site.
pg13 and voyeuristic.
usually working out or showing off his body.
this is the wolf who likes attention.
we like it.
i know i like it.

tumblr_mzpxhlZ2WR1s39hlao1_500yes he has a lot of vixens leaving comments,
but he also has the attention of gay men.
i mean…
if he doesn’t think him does,
this is when i think he is a doofus.
so as much as he rants about who leaves comments,
he knows he likes it.
he knows that he is setting up a thirst trap to get some booty/pipe.

see this new type of wolf likes the attention of gay men.
he gets off on the likes and the admiration men leave for him.
he feeds off the:

“yo bruh i love those pants”

“yo you funny _____”

“cosign my nig”

you know you ain’t looking at this pineapple’s pants.
you looking at what i’m looking at.
his pecs.
his abs.
his arms.
that print.

tumblr_lk387oZFBu1qgtr86o1_500lets be real.
the thing about this new wolf is that even tho he claims “straight”,
he actually is very curious.
men who obsess over their bodies are actually insecure as hell.
the right person can lower their vulnerability just by gasing their heads up.
sure they talkin’ about they want a “bad vixen” in intermet meme.
 lets face it that is their fantasy.
funny enough,
you would be surprised how many vixens don’t like the gym rat.
even the bad ones.
do you know how many bad vixens are actually real time lesbians?
not these new lesbians you see in music videos.
if they are straight,
the bad ones end up with the chubby or skinny one.
the one who “lowered their vulnerability”.
the one she met at the supermarket or target.
the vixen doesn’t want the wolf who is posing all over social media.
she wants a wolf to be the father to her cubs.
gay men love the gym rat.
he has the ideal body we love to worship.
we will eat him alive sexually.
suck his soul out his dick and keep on swallowing until the last drop.
he knows this.
gay men give amazing throat.
you don’t have to remind him.

this new type of wolf,
9 outta 10,
is probably insecure and bisexual.
but open to whatever with the right person”.

“right person” means YOU gotta be on point.
your pictures need to have nice filters.
you gotta have a look as well as the look of being “non-messy”.
look cultured with some travel shots.
hell have some connects and you move ahead of the line.
i think the foxhole could fill out the application.
its starting to be easy to tell with these wolves now.
the shout outs especially.
i always thought shout outs was foreplay for potential sex.
guess what?
its okay.
this is what the new type of wolf likes.
he may even like your pictures,
set up that dm.
boom boom bing,
ya’ll trading secrets and exchanging numbers.
its adventure.
its risk.
he gets off on it,
but like kermit
tumblr_inline_n7tkesTGIV1rbrx1ewell unless he trying to give up that “d”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “The New Type of “Straight” Wolf”

  1. I don’t have much to say on this topic. In a comment last month, I talked about the whole shout thing. Here is some of that comment.

    Half these dudes we talk about are suspect. On social media, has anyone else noticed that the ones who get outed for trying to talk to straight men are always not attractive? Yea, I know. The cute ones try to talk to guys too, but they get lucky. Here is how it goes. When a person DM’s another. The receiver of the message clicks the senders page to see what they look like first. What they look like influences their reaction to a comment or request. If you appear masculine physically, and have a toned body, along with an attractive face. You will likely get a bite. If you don’t look up to par, they will blow up your spot. I know all the supposedly straight man secrets and tricks. I used to be a part of the straight society, so I know what suspect guys do who claim to be straight.The s4s thing is suspect too. If you notice, you will see that only guys with cute faces, or nice bodies ask for them. A straight guy we have talked about said how suspect it was to ask another man for a shoutouts etc. Don’t be fooled. I’ve been onto a lot of the sly behavior for a while, and it isn’t hard to catch.

    1. ^trust you know how it works man!
      shit some of them even read this site.
      but that’s none of my business…
      we’ll wait…

      *waves to the attentionistos*
      hi wolves…

  2. Omg, My sentiments exactly!
    A lot of the things these “straight men” do are for our attention. Then they wanna throw hissy fits when a gay man they deem unattractive is interested. GTFOH. Everything you said is 100% correct.

  3. lemme just stare at that pic and dream i have an nfl/nba man…

    he lives in a mansion. he finessed me with a penthouse.
    he keeps a girl around so his team/fam and blogs wont ask qs
    she got a lil condo
    i got DIRECT access to his funds. she get a lil check
    i get holidays and weekends. she gets an hour maybe two.
    i get rachet hood sex. she gets the after nut w/ condom.

    ok lemme stop and go jack off, or become the next e lynn harris………………

    1. They be COVERED in baby oil with candles lit and roses petals on the floor with a pouty face but stay saying “ladies only” LOL. okay wolfy.

      1. ^or in the sauna,
        all sweaty,
        showing off pecs and abs….
        cut it out wolfie and let me at that pipe.
        it’s looking too obvious…

  4. I hate when they say “For the ladies” or “Ladies only.” As if I’m gonna turn my eyes away or not watch the video because I’m not a lady. You best believe I’m looking.

    1. Well, I don’t entertain dudes like that bro. I stay off those pages altogether. Those and dudes who proclaim that they do not want gay dudes on their pages. Nah, I don’t even have a social media page, and I caught on all the antics these dudes try to pull. Down-low and men believe they are invisible and no one can detect their bullshit man.

  5. I’ve always kinda thought this way, it’s interesting you are exploring this. The attention seems to be the ‘in’ with these kinda guys. The statement that resonates with me most is the ‘connections’ you have that will result in a better chance at response. It’s very true. Sad part is, I connect with the vixens who’d rather have someone off of social media, I’d rather not share my package with every pair of eyes on the net. Something sexy about someone who is unknown to the social world.

  6. As usual J, right on point, of course we have been peeping this game so long here at the foxxhole. This post sounds like it could have been written about the dudes I follow on Instagram. As, I said before, how many damn shirtless pics can you take to prove you have Chests, Abs, etc. I like now that some Vixens are actually calling out these so called str8 dudes as being thirst-traps, it is actually hilarious. You are so right about Vixens, most of them do not want a man who gets more attention than she does, I already know and I’m not even bragging, that if I went the Vixen route, I could pull a 10 easy. I get way more attention from females than I have ever got from dudes. Most Vixens are like Gay men when it comes to these super fine buffed dudes, they just wanna “FCK” them and keep it moving, but they will settle for average when they are ready to settle down, its great that most females can look past fat guts, butts, bad skin, receding hairlines when most Gay males wouldn’t give you the time of day for any type of flaws. I’m including myself because I have been guilty of not engaging with some good dudes because of their physical appearance.

    I have actually noticed that many of the attention whores(and I say that with love) I follow have actually turned the corner on attention from men. A couple have even defended Gay men against hateful Vixens who attacked them when they commented on a pic, so the tide may be turning. Its like the need for attention and admiration and likes are so strong that many of these str8 dudes are throwing caution to the wind and keep on pushing the envelope with their poses. Only a decade ago most of the primping that we seen by males was only done by male strippers or Gay men, men in the past rarely drew attention to themselves even if they were nice looking or had great bodies, they were modest about attention from anyone. Not anymore, the internet has changed the game, men are showing that they are just as much or more vain than women and they get caught up in all this online attention. I am guessing that most dudes who were the jocks and popular in high school are not the ones who are posted up on Instagram, I’m sure most of these dudes never got any attention in school and thats why they go overboard now that they have a platform and a world wide audience of people who adore them based on nothing more than their abs, chest, dick print etc. The attention can be intoxicating, when I first start getting back in shape a couple of years ago, I started posting pics and the comments kept me motivated, now that I have gotten swole, the attention whore in me comes out from time to time to post a shirtless pic, so I aint gone be too hard on these dudes who eat up the attention from anybody that will give it to them LOL!

    1. I’ve been interested in your opinions for so long and after reading that post……I’m interested to see who is exactly behind the font. I don’t know why I think you’re a Herbalife looking wolf from instagram, given us the low down on how guys who come from yo background get down.

  7. I think I have gotten a bit bored with this kind of wolf so much so that I unfollowed a couple of them this past weekend. At least it will free up my feed of most of the S4S and refocus some of my attention to friends and ppl who post things of Interest. Besides, there’s always Tumblr

  8. I can’t stand pretty bois! In fact, I’ll take a Rick Ross, Big E Langston, NFL Lineman stud any day. Pretty Bois are just that, pretty and like Beyonce says, “Pretty Hurts.” So I rather have a soft landing when I fall hard for a big boy who look just as good as the pretty boi that he is standing next to. Y’all can have the pretty boy, just give me the Ving Rhames, Michael Clarke Duncan, Big E Langston, Rick Ross mothafucker!

    1. lol you’re like me i mean pretty guys are nice to look at but i like stocky men, thick men like cole on martin or ving rhames, or braylon…or terry crews…i like men who eat, men aren’t stuck on themselves in the mirror all the day because for me honestly if i see you on IG ALL DAY at the day gym that tells me you DON’T WORK…looking good doesn’t pay bills…and for some reason i always attract either the pretty boys or the thugs smh

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