He and His Family Live On Top Of Me, But I Want Him On Top Of Me.

nothing says “new man” like a haircut.
since i haven’t had a haircut in 2 weeks,
you know i was looking like “wtf” and “why is it happening?”.
so i put on some clothes and went to my barber.
when i got there,
i saw a familiar suv parked out front….

the owner is a wolf who lives in my building.
a fine older wolf at that.
he has got to be in his late 30s/early 40s.
reminds me of this:

09ab080f16e2fb55bcfba31123fe671b he has the look of a reformed hood wolf.
one who use to run the streets,
do illegal shit,
but has settled down… kinda.
i could tell when he was younger,
he just had to look at a vixen and her panties were magically on the floor.
he has that real harlem swagg with a deep aggressive voice to match.
only thing tho his front teeth are a little sketchy.
his lips allow me to forget about it.
well he is married to a thick vixen and they have a son.
the son is the size of them both.
i have always been lowkey attracted to him.
every time he would see me,
he would always be staring at me and give me a head nod.
he always holds the elevator open for me.
pretty nice guy.
when i got into the barber chair,
he was in the chair right next to me.
again with the staring.
it was a lot bolder this time around.
he makes me nervous since my thoughts are usually written on my face.
i try not to stare directly so i do the on the low shit.
i also  felt a little self conscious because i looked like a werewolf.
once all the hair started coming off and my barber made love to my head:
jamari fox was back.
he left before me,
but i had to wonder if i would mess with him?
he lives a couple floors up,
but his issue is he seems like a playa.
the messy type.
i have seen him and his wife getting into it because of his ways.
last time i saw them arguing,
she screamed:

“well why don’t you go to that bitch you fuckin’ then,
you ignorant bitch ass nigga?”

he is one of them.
as much as i’d like to smash,
i don’t want to fuck up.
some wolves,
as good as they look,
they are just really fuckin’ messy.
he is sexy as hell tho.
i just imagine his tongue and lips putting me in my place.

tumblr_mbwd7vvby01qi857wo3_250…but he lives in my building.
i’m sure there will be more to this story.
i wonder if i should continue or leave it alone?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “He and His Family Live On Top Of Me, But I Want Him On Top Of Me.”

  1. His wife is going to find out come downstairs with their son and stab you .Just kidding 🙂 Did you see the Gay wrestler’s boyfriend @Tmz.com

  2. I would say no, but sometime you have to live a little and not be a stuck-up catholic girl. But make sure you wear protection and always use rubbing alcohol after sex or kissing to kill off the germs and I don’t care how good-looking he is, that doesn’t mean he not spread germs from all of the sluts he been playing with.

    @Y Colette. Darren Young’s boyfriend, there something funny about him that I just don’t trust period. I hope Darren be careful because love is blind.

  3. It’s one thing for a married man to be caught fucking a bitch. It’s another to be caught fuckin a man. Think about it.

  4. IDK? The fact that he’s married would bother me, and she lives in the same building too. Personally, I wouldn’t do it. I’m looking for a relationship, and I can’t pursue one with a married man lol.

    Aside from that, it’s funny how some people think they can find happiness in someone else’s husband. Remember that movie The Family That Preys? I watched that again the other day. Sanaa thought that man was going to leave his wife and child for her, and he didn’t. The only benefit from sleeping with a married man is sex, and that’s if the sex is even good.

    1. @The Man…I don’t think he’s expecting the man to leave his wife! LOL
      I would caution AGAINST getting into anything with him though, simply for the fact that he is married. You DO NOT want to mess up anyone’s marriage, or even be a factor in it. If he separates or divorces…go for yours!
      I have a guy that is sending me signals but I don’t know if he’s doing it to try and see if I’m down or if he’s genuinely interested. I’d prefer the latter to the former, because there are many kats out there that will try to “out” you by playing like they’re interested in you. I have no interest in anyone knowing my business like that.

      1. No!!!! I’m speaking in general lol. Not to mention that I personally know people who believe that, and are currently seeing married men. I knew someone was going to take that out of context. I hope Jamari didn’t lol.

  5. Im in this exact situation but deeper, I mess with my barber on and off, and he is exactly how you describe this one…. my goodness, the only thing im benefitting from is money, free haircuts and some D, this nigga stresses me out, but he got me hooked at the same damn time.

    1. @Keyon… Wow Your Barber. It’s so funny b/c I think that a couple of my old barbers “got down” if you know what I mean… and the way they used to rub my head and the convos we used to have while i was sitting in the chair used to be a little more detailed than the average “barber-customer” relationship is typically. Them niggas was fine af too… buff as shit. hmmm. lol

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