Font Shit; Get Hit (Yusaf Mack)

well yusaf mack is back on the attack!
ya know,
online hyenas are funny.
they will font keystrokes of of shit,
but when you see them in public,
there is nothing to be said.
there was a hyena who has been harassing yusaf online.
i guess he thought because yusaf is gay,
he was some sort of pussy.
well yusaf saw him in the barber shop and all hell broke loose.
a vix-bi sent me the story via tmz sports
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I Always See The Fine Wolves While Mindin’ My Beeswax

drooloktweetain’t that the truth?
i be minding my business,
walking down the street,
and someone whose face i need to sit on walks by.
do i turn around?
do i pull out my camera to make the memory last forever?
what does a fox do?
well this reminds me of the wolf i saw in the barber shop yesterday…
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Words We Didn’t Get To Say

tumblr_m2gojtuhox1rqdq6wo1_500_largethis maybe for the foxes.
you know i write for us.
maybe for the wolves and hybrids.
i know that it is for anyone in the life.
so let me ask you something:

you ever been out in public,
saw a dude,
and you both were on “the same page”?
because the situation was hot,
ya’ll couldn’t connect in the way you wanted?
the words you both wanted to say couldn’t be said?

oh it has happened to you too?
well that happen to me just now,
actually i think it happens to me all the time
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He and His Family Live On Top Of Me, But I Want Him On Top Of Me.

nothing says “new man” like a haircut.
since i haven’t had a haircut in 2 weeks,
you know i was looking like “wtf” and “why is it happening?”.
so i put on some clothes and went to my barber.
when i got there,
i saw a familiar suv parked out front….

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