Words We Didn’t Get To Say

tumblr_m2gojtuhox1rqdq6wo1_500_largethis maybe for the foxes.
you know i write for us.
maybe for the wolves and hybrids.
i know that it is for anyone in the life.
so let me ask you something:

you ever been out in public,
saw a dude,
and you both were on “the same page”?
because the situation was hot,
ya’ll couldn’t connect in the way you wanted?
the words you both wanted to say couldn’t be said?

oh it has happened to you too?
well that happen to me just now,
actually i think it happens to me all the time

i decided to go to the barber shop late today.
i have been getting over this flu and quite frank,
i was exhausted AF today.
my body has been wyldin.
i didn’t even turn on any football games.
so i go to the barber shop and was lucky to get in the chair when i walked in.
my shop gets packed real quick.
so i’m in the chair,
and this wolf walks in with his son.
this wolf with his cub was fine as FUCK.
when i saw him,
i actually thought he resembled this wolf:

The_Rampage_Diaries_UFC_130_Part_3_he was just a little short,
but it was his body that caught my attention.
he was thick.
i could see his pecs in his t shirt.
you know i love that.
his arms were big.
 fat ass that i could see in his jeans.
you could tell he doesn’t work on his stomach tho.
i still would let him bang me.

tumblr_n2765l3dAK1si245xo1_400so i’m trying not to look at him,
but he and that chest is literally in my face,
but i’m noticing he is looking at me ever so often.
when my barber would turn the chair in his direction,
we would catch eyes.
my foxy senses buzzed.
my ears went up.
this was more than just “looking at me”.
even though i looked like hell as i was getting done up,
i need to realize other people don’t think that about me.
i see my flaws.
they see my beauty.
i could tell he would have tried something if we were alone.

tumblr_ll1w1gJDT11qdk6zzo1_500writing on my site,
i realized that if a wolf is truly d/l,
you aren’t getting that number in a crowded situation.
this isn’t a movie.
there is no “aww” moments.
he isn’t going to follow me outside when i left to hunt me down.
this is reality in the life of lookin for a man.
we stare at each other,
have a moment of “what if”,
and go about our separate ways if the situation isn’t right.
sometimes meeting wolves in public is really based on luck and surroundings.
if i meet that wolf again,
then we will repeat and see what happens.
he might have given up on me once i walked out the door.
he might think of me while jackin’ off in the shower tonight.
i don’t know.
i hope i do get to see him again tho.
cub or not,
i want him to devour all my good stuff.


23 thoughts on “Words We Didn’t Get To Say

  1. It’s I couldn’t care less but you wrote “i didn’t even turn on football and i could careless whats on.
    so i go to the barber shop and was lucky to get in the chair when i walked in.
    my shop gets packed real quick.”

    Just a positive note.

  2. I’m really bad at knowing Shen this happens to me.i can have bad self esteem issues at times do when a wolf is opening flirting with me or eying me down I can’t put two and two together.

    I feel like because I put Lot of thought into my outfit I get stares from that, my friends say I’m too modest DNS that guys check me out all the time I’m just too deep in Lala land to notice.

  3. I’ve learned its really about having confidence and reading dudes accurately.

    Prime example.

    Me and a homie were working out late one night. There’s this fine caramel dude working the desk. Both me and the homie could smell the bottom on him and we both gave him raunchy stares everytime he looked at us.

    On the way out we tell him bye, but my homie randomly asks him what he’s reading and they get into a long conversation all the while my homie maintains eye contact and smiles.

    Keep in mind he’s a bodybuilder and although he’s only 21 he’s confident and bold as shit. He had that bottom in a daze as he walked out the door. lol

    1. ^will def being observing a lot more.
      is it easier for wolves to get the foxes tho?
      rather than the reverse?

      I feel a bolder wolf usually gets the # faster…

      1. Of course it is. Wolves can usually spot foxes better than foxes can spot wolves.

        Depends on the wolf though. A lot of wolves prefer foxes they can clock fairly easily.

      2. Jay this is true.

        Oh and to just let y’all know, by easy to spot, us Wolves do not mean feminine men either. I said before, masculine Foxes are easy to spot, whether y’all believe it or not. We can tell lol. Just looking at one’s instagram pictures will give them away easily.

  4. Jamari, have you ever seen two dudes lowkey flirting and exchanging numbers at the gym?!

    I don’t gym lurk, but I majored in Psychology so I’m a natural observer and its no different when I’m getting my workout in.

    Guys will check each other out from across the gym and one will inevitably ask the other to spot him on the bench or compliment their form or ask them some random question that leads to a lengthy conversation. All the while to the untrained or straight or female eye they look like two straight guys, but their body language alerts my spidey senses.

    Next thing you know they’re shaking hands and exchanging numbers.

    It’s like watching lions mate on the National Geographic Channel lol

  5. Hopefully you will see ol dude again Jamari. I have those moments as well, it comes with the life I guess lol.

  6. This always happens to me when I’m with a co-worker or family member. It is so frustrating!!

  7. I had that same kind of moment last week with a C-list celebrity in the ATL. I’ve seen him on tv and blogs, but to see him face to face…he is absolutely beautiful. I mean gorgeous. Skin, HAIR, teeth, and body all on point. I was walking into a store and he was coming out (no pun intended). There was this brickhouse vixen walking into an adjacent salon, and I looked and he looked and the we caught eyes as to say “dayumn bruh, did you see that?” The thing is when we locked eyes it was like in slow motion. He starred into my soul, smiled, and then that’s when I realized who he was. I quickly gave him a once over and he is near perfect. He had on sweats and his bulge was crying out to me. Now if I see him again, which will probably never happen, I know how to play it. 😎 .

  8. This shit happens to me everywhere I go too. omg. Wolf observing you the fuck down. He looks at you, you look at him, he looks away, you still see him looking in the corner of your eye.

    UGH! and it’s always the ones that are extremely fucking fine.

    1. ^yes f&f yes!!!!
      it is always the wolves that are my type.
      it maybe a full blown or a curious.
      I know we are not over exaggerating either.
      this legit happens!!

      1. For real, fo’ real you will? Oh shit I hope it happen cause porn ain’t doing it for me anymore.

  9. That happens to me more than I would like. There are times I wonder if the dude is sincere or if he’s trying to set me up. I’ve had that happen before, so it makes me cautious. I would have people I know coming up to me saying, such and such said you made a pass at him. Luckily people knew I had no dealings with the kat, and that he was a pot-head. A good lookin’ pot-head, but a pot head! LOL
    The next time I saw him I asked him why was he telling people that I made a pass at him, and he said I saw you lookin at my ass. He made me laugh.
    I said dude, everyone looks at your ass because you walk around with your pants UNDER your ass. We have no choice but to look at your ass! But if I was DL…you not my type anyway. That made him mad. LOL

    1. Looking at a man’s ass is not hitting on him. What was his problem. For you to have hit on him, the two of you would have had to communicate. People stay reaching lol.

      1. I agree. What went on between you was hot and sensual but it was in your head. You don’t know what he was thinking. Black men look at each other all the time. He might have been looking at your cut and thinking, “I want my hair cut like that.” You don’t really know. Jamari you are young and intelligent…go out to some gay events or something (you are in NYC) and find a REAL brother that you know is down. All that eye play shit is for the birds. You only live once (unless you are Hindu or something). So grab that fucking gusto and LIVE!

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