What Was That? What Did You Say? (Speak Up)

Megaphone-LP-01sometimes we don’t speak up when we should.
sometimes we let things fester.
sometimes when we need to be brave,
we don’t pick up our sword and armor.
sometimes we just let things…
that can be an issue

no it is an issue.
there was a time i let things go.
i didn’t want to step on any toes.
i didn’t want to insult anyone.
i wanted to keep the peace because i didn’t want many drama…


i want the drama.
i don’t want the peace.
i want to tear down the whole fuckin town if i have too.
see because once we let things slide,
we let one or two thing go,
we let something manifest in the background.
something starts being formed.
its heavy.
it feels weighed down.
it feels like back pain.
“that monkey on your back”.
then before you know it,
we are walking around here with a knap sack full of shit called “baggage”.
its filled with things we should have said,
wanted to say,
were scared to say,
and maybe if we said it…
it would have changed our lives.
its like in a movie or tv show.
you know in the movie when things start to go south?
if the character did/said something,
well maybe,
maybe things would have turned out different?14a883don’t live in a muted world foxhole.
speak up.
put a battery in your back and turn your volume completely up.
let it be know you are not happy with what you are getting.
it might offend someone,
but guess what?
if they are a friend,
a potential “he is the one”,
or just meant to be in your life,
they will listen.

6 thoughts on “What Was That? What Did You Say? (Speak Up)

  1. I’m am so working on this. I have this problem of just being the nice guy and letting stuff go I had to recently tell a supervisor how I really felt about something and it felt good to be able to speak me mind like everyone else at tr work place and be heard.

  2. YES!!! I just had a situation at work, where I had to create some drama to get my feelings across to my supervisor. I’m so glad I did it. It wasn’t pretty, but it was necessary. Stand up for your self or you will be walked on. I don’t like conflict, but I will face it when it’s necessary!!!

  3. I agree J. As I mature, I’m less concerned with the negative consequences of speaking up. SOMETIMES, you have to speak life (or death) to a situation because somethings are meant to flourish and some things are meant to die!

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