when you’re having sex so loud, your neighbors have no choice but to listen

i remember that one time i was supposed to go live in florida with my uncle after my mother died.
i drove,
by myself,
all the way down to miami to start a new life.
needless to say,
that didn’t work out.
after driving for hours,
i stayed in a hotel down in south carolina.
it was called “south of the border“.
the only reason i stayed is that there was a big ass ferris wheel at the entrance.
that night,
whoever stayed in the room next to me was getting turnt tf out.
the walls were so thin that i heard the whole sex session from my room.
as much as it turned me on,
it annoyed tf outta me because i had to be on the road early the next morning.
she was OD on the moaning,
but the wolf was cute so i can see why she was moaning her head off.
i had to see what he looked like the next morning at check out.
so i saw this on twitter tonight…

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What Was That? What Did You Say? (Speak Up)

Megaphone-LP-01sometimes we don’t speak up when we should.
sometimes we let things fester.
sometimes when we need to be brave,
we don’t pick up our sword and armor.
sometimes we just let things…
that can be an issue
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f0XXX: Could You Handle His Pipe?

i think i get off to the way he pipes and his perfect muscular butt cheeks.
something about him always makes me horny AF…

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Gotta change that to Wolves

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I Got A Man Down Situation

I do…

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Drake Takes A Bad Picture

Drake knows he is wrong for this…

He know he is real wrong for this GQ Man of the Year magazine cover.
I don’t think Drizzy is ugly, per say…

I thought he was quite handsome in the new Rihanna video:


But this picture….

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