Everyone Is Straight On My Site

you read right.
everyone i post on my site is straight.
well let me explain…

i write about many good lookin’ “straight” wolves.
you also know i always put that word “straight”.
the reason i do that is EVERYONE is straight until proven gay.
i will not assume every good lookin ___________ is gay/bi/or tri.
some “straight” wolves may just a little (or a lot) of gay in them.
some “straight” wolves are down low or discreet.
some “straight” wolves are genuinely just what they say are.
some “straight” are in the industry or play a sport.
^those are my favorite.

blair-waldorf-gossip-girl-Favim.com-370319the issue is that some of the wolves i’ve said are “straight”,
i always get the real story in the fox-wire.
the fox-wire is emails and dms.
sometimes the comment box.
some don’t even turn out to be wolves.
some are foxes or hybrids.
some are escorts.
some are genuine wolves that people think are foxes.
it all depends.
its all in the fox-wire.
i could be a fox turned jackal and go on an outing spree.
i don’t.

that is the difference between me and others.
they want that popularity.
i want respect.
respect lasts longer than popularity.
respect is built on a foundation.
popularity is built on air.

giphyif that takes me longer to pop,
then so be it.
id rather be someone the forest dwellers can talk to privately,
rather than someone who can’t be trusted because outing is “in”.
so when you claim straight,
i will put you on my site as straight.
even if all the forest knows you are gay,
the world doesn’t know.
  it ain’t my job.
my job is to talk about sex wolves i’d let cum inside me.
that is spiteful and if i’m going to be a blogger,
i want people to trust that i have their best interest.
well unless you are a real asshole or a jackal of some sort
punishment is pretty severe around these parts.
so if you have secrets,
and you don’t want the world to know,
then you are “straight” over in this forest.
straight until proven gay.

tumblr_n9vo4kDUE61th7ygbo1_500i got class and tact and feelings and all that good shit.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Everyone Is Straight On My Site”

  1. Everyone is straight on Jamari’s site – says no one.

    LOL. I ain’t worried about these bros man. This is our place, not these guys Instagram and Twitter pages. I have no filter man. A muzzle wouldn’t keep me quiet.

  2. Did one of these “straight wolves” contact you? Because man I’m telling you…I know a vicious Queen who specializes in exposing. I’m talking about govt names, address, hotel receipts, deleted pictures, and social security numbers. But half of the guys on here all it takes is google search to see how “straight” they are.

    1. ^nope.
      actually I wrote about a wolf and someone contacted me about them.
      they were asking about why I put “straight” for the wolf?
      the same wolf was spotted at a gay bar in atl.
      he showed my blog entry about the wolf to someone and they laughed.
      they said the wolf def has fun in the life.
      in the wolf’s Instagram,
      he claims he is straight.
      so that is what he will be on here.

  3. I respect your decision Jamari. I would never out a person because I feel it’s wrong to do that. I’m not out myself, and I would hate for someone to take the choice of divulging that away from me. That is MY decision to make, and for that reason alone…I would NEVER do that to another person who is closeted/DL.

      1. Well these “straight” wolves need to do a better job at being straight. Hanging out in a gay club and especially one in ATL is the dumbest shit a “straight” wolf could do. These “straight” wolves are probably the same ones that mess with these obvious jackals but looked surprised and shocked when they get outed. I swear surprised is the emotion that pisses me off the most from stupid motha fuckas. There are plenty of straight wolves with out the quotations so people know the truly straight from the ones that need quotations or question marks.

  4. I can vouch that a lot of these so called straight boys you post are not so straight down in ATL. I can also vouch that a lot of these so called straight celebrities and ballers you post are also not straight down in Atlanta. To not get sued and to be taken seriously it is recommended you put they are straight…

  5. Peepmyporn has dese “straights” fuckin other “straights” and getting fucked. Dat’s none of my business tho **sip**

  6. Just getting in from a little party tonight, I just happened to be sitting by this one dude and we started casually chatting it up and just started talking about everything; truly a Gay Life 101 kind of conversation. Well he went on to tell me about his experience when he was in his early 20’s dating a professional athlete. He told me that was always the cousin, friend, assistant etc. He told me that this got old real fast, and he got tired of pretending and just walked away from it all. I was blown away. He told me how once you are in that world how the athlete associates also try to hit on you and how it does not matter whether you are good looking or not but what a certain athlete is attracted too. He said just like some dudes are attracted to ratchet ass females, they are attracted to fem,queens, chubby, DL dudes and the list goes on. He told me that you would be so surprised as to who gets down. So what these people are saying is very plausible about seeing these celebs/athletes in Gay settings. I always like to give everybody the benefit of the doubt because I want someone to give me the benefit of the doubt as well. I have been outed before by a jackal and will never condone that behavior.

  7. Behaviors of others can cause problems for others. There should not be anyone’s business of what an individual does in their personal life. There will always be speculation about who or what you are! Happiness should be what everyone wants, but sometimes does not get. Life must go on!!

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