Denzel Wells Needs To Rescue A Cat From A Tree

tumblr_nbpdg4B8v71qe8nc8o1_500so denzel wells thought…
someone in heels
…would make people assume he was gay?
well if ^that picture didn’t make people speculate…
noneofjamaribusinesstho…i do like denzel tho.
i will chaulk it up to insecurities.
the forest taking turns biting chunks out his ass is punishment enough.
check all his social media accounts.
i won’t banish him just yet.
he will need to redeem himself somehow.
keith carlos can easily get promoted.
he already has ( x the winning curve ).

lowkey: denzel should give an exclusive interview to the foxhole.
it did wonders for ( x johnny crome ).

5 thoughts on “Denzel Wells Needs To Rescue A Cat From A Tree

  1. I’m out the loop on this did he say something out turn. Cause if so ask him how he got hooked up with Tyler Perry

  2. Yea…this picture definitely makes him looks suspect. He judged that guy, but he doesn’t want to be judged. I’m disappointed cause I like him and thought he was cool. That was not the first time he made a statement like that either. I read one of those comments on instagram and this is what I found after I did some digging. It bothered him, but yet he couldn’t look away lol.

    I don’t think he gets down, but he might be fighting some feelings. When a man feels the need to proclaim their masculinity, they are over compensating for something. Those types are slide under the radar until they come across someone that interest them, I can confirm this. When I was in high school, there was this dude who I met through another male friend who was on the low, and from the morning he met me, he was paying me compliments, making small talk with me and shit, one day he was close enough to my face I thought we were going to kiss lol. However, on a particular day the script changed. He called me a faggot, and I was completely blindsided lol. I was confused by his actions, but I concluded that he was sexually confused.

    1. ^i seem to attract those types!!!!
      it never fails.
      that faggot line would have have got him popped tho.

      usually they act one way when we are alone,
      but as soon as they are around people,
      they ignore me.
      they must not have realized my ignore game wasn’t as good too lol

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