August Alsina Grabs His Little Friend In Anger

augustgrabshislittlefriend“& no my dick ain’t on hard”
i love the disclaimer.
august alsina decided to throw this picture up and then sneak delete it.
now why you gotta go and do that now, huh?
well of course,
the foxhole got it to share for sunday lunch.
who hungry?

lowkey: august is still just “eh” for me.
light skin,
smokes weed,
and models for instagram.

like……. ive seen it all before.
im more a “songzbird sunday afternoon” kind of fox.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “August Alsina Grabs His Little Friend In Anger”

  1. JAMARI! Play the mega million while your down there and try your luck, you never know since your in a new place and a new mind set. Positivity positivity! DO IT!

      1. Make sure you played random and then numbers that were meaningful to you, you never know whose looking out for you.

  2. And your not the only one tired of the light skin tattoo combo, its redundant and unappealing now a days. I long for a dude whose body is just the statute of a black greek god with no markings period.

  3. The lottery/mega million is a big ass scam.They always give it to some old ass White people that don’t need it.They also always happen to live in a small town no one has ever heard of.Which is great for the people that run the lottery because they know the chances of anyone non-White buying the winning ticket are slim chances to none.

  4. I find it hard to believe he isn’t on rock.That is a thick head for a flaccid penis. He is semi hard I believe, has to be.

    I listened to more of his music yesterday, dude has talent, but shit like this pic overshadows his talent. R&B singers do not leak dick pics man, nor are they weed heads, except Chris brown. August needs a better PR team. He needs to get on his grown man shit and quit being ratchet. He needs to hit the gym and gain some muscles to compliment those tats too, skinny and tatted is just…not that attractive. Muscles and a better image are the keys to his success. He already has a voice on him. Oh and I still think he is sexy tho. I’d hit.

  5. So over the “oops look at me, i didn’t know what I was doing” attention whoring with not only celebrities but people in general.

    Sad when i’m in school, i overhead some people talking about they were going to do something stupid because they could possible become vine famous. Like really? smh

    1. Are you fucking blind or just plain retarded his dick is small as fuck no long pipe what the fuck so ever. You dumb ass bitches are blind as shit.

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